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Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa
Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa

Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa Wiki  – Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa Biography

Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa has been identified as a suspect in the shooting that killed 10 people, including Boulder Police Officer Eric Talley, at King Soopers in Boulder, Colorado.

Police called an active hitman at the grocery store at 3600 Table Mesa Street at 2:30 p.m. The local time a grocer turned into a bloodbath during the last mass murder in the country. Arvada’s Al Issa got into a shootout with officers, killing Talley, police said at a news conference Tuesday morning. He, too, was injured in the shooting and was taken to a local hospital, where his condition was stable, on Tuesday.

Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa Age

Ahmad is 21 years old.


Live videos of the scene in Boulder have emerged, which you can watch later in this article. Please notify in advance that some shots are very visual

Authorities said at a news conference Tuesday morning that Al Issa “spent most of his life in the United States.” Authorities are investigating his background, but have not provided additional information on his background.

A witness told the Denver Post that the shooter had entered the grocery store, speechless, and opened fire.

“He didn’t say anything,” he said. “He came in and started shooting.”

The witness is a student who lives nearby. The University of Colorado, Boulder is about two miles from the scene of the shooting. The witness said that he and his roommate were at the grocery store to buy pizza for lunch. “They were controlling themselves when the shooter came in and fired,” he said.

His roommate said the attacker “fired a few shots, then he fell silent and then he fired a few more. He was not spraying. ”

They both escaped through the back door, they told the newspaper. The Denver Post reports that Fairview High School is also only a few blocks away. The Boulder Valley School District began spring break on Monday, but the two sports teams were training at the time of the shooting. The students were sent home and nearby businesses were also closed.

The Witness of The Grocer’s Shooting

At a press conference on Tuesday morning, the officials, Al Issa, staged an armed confrontation with the officers who entered the store minutes after being called. He was injured in the confrontation and was taken to a local hospital, where he was stable at the time. Authorities said he was injured by a bullet in the leg. They were waiting for him to be taken to prison Tuesday night. Boulder Police Chief Maris Herold said he was armed with a patrol rifle.

Boulder Police Commander Kerry Yamaguchi told a news conference Monday night that the suspect was “seriously injured” after the mass shooting and was taken to a local hospital.

At the time, she described the suspect as the person in question and said there was no ongoing threat to the public. Police did not explain a possible cause at the time of the shooting and claimed they were in the early stages of an extensive investigation.

Conor McCue, the witness to the grocer’s shooting, told CBS4 that police “give up now!” To a suspect. He said that he heard what he said.

McCue said he heard the first shots, but it took him a while to understand what was happening.

“I heard a loud explosion… I thought someone had dropped something. Then in the third explosion, everyone was running, ”he said.

In an interview with CBS4, the father of a family member said that when a woman was shot in front of them, a family was waiting in line to receive COVID-19 vaccines. “His family ran away and found a closet upstairs where they hid for an hour,” he said. He was in contact with his daughter while they were in hiding. The father advocated for gun control in the media.

“When you have family, you feel,” he said.

When the police arrived, the officers removed the victims, who were still in the store.

Charged – Arrested

A videos appeared on social media shortly after images showing the arrest of a man. It was not immediately clear if he was a suspect, but police were seen to have detained the man. The video shows a man being carried to a stretcher by police.

“It was a pretty chaotic situation,” a FOX DC reporter said on the broadcast, referring to eyewitness reports.

The reporter spoke about a live image taken from a news helicopter and described what he saw as follows: “A man on a stretcher handcuffed accompanied by the police and taken from the scene.”

A graphic and dramatic video captured the scene of the active shooter in the Colorado market, which began just seconds after the first few shots were played. The video shows injured and possibly dead people inside and outside the store.

The guy who shot says, “Get 911 here.” “We have injured on the ground. We do not know. Somewhere there is a hitman, an active gunner. He could be in the store. He entered the store. Oh my God. Gentlemen, we caught people at King Soopers. ”

The man enters the store entrance from the ramp and another man in the video says the shooter is still inside. One person died on the ramp, the other died in the parking lot, and the third person appears dead next to a safe inside.

Guys, that happened … not even 30 seconds ago. I heard gunshots. Guys, there’s an active shooter, ”a man said in a live video feed.

Sirens are heard in the background. Dean Schiller, who was filming, described the scene and said that people had escaped and the shooter was still inside.

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People fled through the back door. The active-shooter is still inside, ”he said.

He ran to the front of the store.

Guys, we have an active sniper situation at King Soopers. He is currently in the building, ”he said.

He described the handcuffed person as “almost naked. He was in his underwear. ”

Later in the video, he reported to news stations, he said he was nearby and heard gunshots.

He said he heard “loud voices” but initially couldn’t believe it was the gunshots. He said he saw a woman on the ground next to a gold Toyota Rav4, followed by another man who was motionless on the ground.

“We took cover right outside,” he said and headed to the front of the building, where he heard more gunshots. He said officers were coming and that she was hiding behind cars and walls.

He saw the three victims and saw officers arrive as shots continued to erupt. He guessed the shooting took 10 minutes before settling.

“I wouldn’t believe it if I hadn’t seen and heard it myself,” he said.

“My heart was beating very fast,” he said.

He said he had friends inside “as close as his family.” “He is sitting in front of the market,” he said.

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