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Akuapem Poloo
Akuapem Poloo

Akuapem Poloo Wiki – Akuapem Poloo Biography

Akuapem Poloo has been convicted of posting “obscene material” after sharing the nu**de photo of herself with her son on social media sometime in June 2020. Convicted of “domestic violence that undermines another person’s privacy or it could damage the dignity of another person. ” and self-esteem ”, you can see Poloo in her photo with her modesty covered by her hair. In the photo, her son was seen wearing underpants, which a judge presiding over the case in the capital Accra compared to child abuse, in light of the rise of “obscene materials” in Ghana.

The judge explained: “The court is upset by posting many photos on social media. Did you ask the child for permission before posting the image? Did you respect the rights of the child? No, she did not. There is no doubt that apart from the canker of ra**pe, desecration, physical assault, the publication of obscene materials is on the rise. ”The judge presiding over her case is considering the fact that she is a single mother and her apparent remorse. However, he added: “A severe sentence will serve as a deterrent.”

Akuapem Poloo Age

She is 31 years old.

Charges – Arrested

Actress Rosemond Alade Brown was jailed Friday for 90 days by an Accra circuit court for taking pictures with her son and posting them on her Instagram page. In sentencing her on Friday, Superior Court Judge Christina Cann expressed her dissatisfaction with the alarming rate at which nudity has become commonplace in the nation’s social media space.

The ruling created a stir with some schools of thought claiming it was too harsh, while others said it deserved it. Akuapem Poloo called on Ghanaians to support her with prayers as she begins her 90-day jail sentence. Meanwhile, the lawyer for the social media sensation said last Friday that his client will appeal the 90-day sentence.

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Speaking to journalists in Accra after the court proceedings, Mr. Vortia described the sentence as “harsh”. He said that the court should have considered the mitigating factors that he had advanced; including the fact that Brown was a first-time offender and a single mother.

Also speaking on Prime Morning, on Monday he revealed that Attorney General Godfred Dame supports his intention to appeal the 90-day jail sentence. Mr. Vortia said the Attorney General in a phone call described the 90-day imprisonment as “a little too harsh.”

Social Media Posts

With 1,536 posts on his verified Instagram account, Poloo boasts 590,000 followers. His son, identified as Mudasir Muhammed Yakubu, also has a flourishing Instagram account with just over 30K followers. Most of the photos on his account are from sessions with his mother and solo profile photos of the boy. After the sentence granted to his mother, several have rushed to social networks with the hashtag #FreeAkuapemPoloo on Twitter. Ghanaian musician Sarkodie said: “I think it is a bit hard to separate a child from the mother from him just because of the photos taken … I would like to beg the law to forgive our sister.”

Many, however, criticized Cardi B in responses to her tweet, writing “what’s wrong is wrong … if a father did that to his daughter, history will never be like this … you could say there is cases in which parents sleep with their daughter, but the same would also happen between mothers and children … wait until you see it. ” Many also joked that “there is nothing like community service in Ghana. In jail or nothing. ”




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