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Amelia, a truck driver, has gone viral after a gas station, and Schumer herself even took to social media, wondering what was going on. An image of Amelia, allegedly a truck driver who makes regular pit stops in Clay County, was shared Thursday afternoon on the Twitter account of what is allegedly Celina 52 Truck Stop.

A gas station in Celina, Tennessee, went viral after tweeting about a trucker who could be twice the 40-year-old comedian.

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Amelia‘s age is unclear.

Amy Schumer stunned after doppelgänger spotted at Tennessee truck stop

An image of Amelia, allegedly a truck driver who makes regular pit stops in Clay County, was shared Thursday afternoon on the Twitter account of what is allegedly Celina 52 Truck Stop.

“Award winner Amelia wanted us to tell her that her teardrop tattoo is not because she murdered anyone. He once accidentally killed a pedestrian after falling asleep at the wheel and got the tattoo to honor his memory, “they wrote, not acknowledging Schumer’s similarity, along with an image of the alleged resemblance, which was captured with an unholy Celina T-shirt. 52 online. T-shirt shop.

It was only after several followers began to point out her resemblance to Schumer that her post went viral, now being liked by more than 14,500 users.

“This is Amy Schumer,” wrote writer Kimberly Nicole Foster.

“Amy Schumer is trending because of a truck stop photo and NO ONE IS TALKING ABOUT IT?” added author Norb Aikin.

Since then, the “Trainwreck” and “I Feel Pretty” star tweeted her own confused reaction: “Wait, what’s going on at a truck stop? -Me,” accompanied by a crying emoji.

A representative for Schumer has not responded to a request for comment from The Post.

When her initial post went viral, Celina 52 tried to calm things down and replied, “Stop calling her Amy Schumer. Amy Schumer doesn’t have a tattoo for accidentally hitting a pedestrian. ”

In an interview with The Post, Danny Brine, who claimed to be a shift manager at a truck stop, said that the “story of the teardrop tattoo is real” and claimed that a rest area is indeed a real place. However, The Post could not verify the claims of Brine, who said that he also works as a social media assistant there.

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According to Brine, Celina 52 is just a pseudonym for the actual truck stop, which is located in Upper Cumberland, Tennessee. The reason for the false name? The company’s social media accounts are rife with obscene, offensive, and sometimes racist content.

“Due to our content, we must use this name,” Brine explained. “Reassignment has been around since the early 1980s.”

Whether Brine’s claims are true, the page’s social media content features non-printable photos taken at the seemingly genuine truck stop that Brine said are tweaked to include racy puns and politically incorrect topics in signage. A related Facebook account also has 50,000 followers.

“These are not our real opinions,” he continued, “but the best moments are when someone thinks a post is 100% serious and gets mad about it.”

Some tweeters, according to a Snopes report, have not caught the joke. “This HAS to be a troll,” wrote a confused reader. “A trap. Something. This is by no means real. ”

But making Schumer trending on Twitter was never in his plan, according to Brine.

“I can see why people think she looks like Amelia … I’ve never seen any of her comedy,” he said.

Another clarification: the “Stop pooping in our parking lot” sign featured in the initial tweet isn’t real, but the stories are.

“Defecation in parking lots happens too often,” Brine said.



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