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Calogero Duenes
Calogero Duenes

Calogero Duenes Wiki – Calogero Duenes Biography

Calogero Duenes, a doting father of two, was fatally shot in a confrontation in a Texas parking lot while loading cake to celebrate his 6-year-old daughter’s birthday at a nearby Chuck E Cheese.

When analyzing the surveillance video, authorities noted that this unfortunate incident occurred after the 24-year-old Duenes engaged in a verbal exchange with a driver who had driven down the parking corridor in the wrong direction.

Calogero Duenes Age

Calogero Duenes was 24 years old.

Cause of Death

Duenes’s two daughters, 3-year-old Marrlow and 6-year-old birthday girl Serina, were already inside the restaurant with their mother at the time of the fatal encounter. Duenes’s wife, Amber Uresti, said: “She ran in and yelled ‘They shot me! They shot me!’ and I ran after him, my daughters ran after me, they saw him lying on the ground. ”

Duenes was immediately taken by ambulance to a nearby hospital where he died from his injuries. Police said that based on surveillance footage of the confrontation at the lot, they believe the suspect was driving a black Ford car.

Amber said that she cannot understand what would cause someone to react with senseless violence when her husband was practically helpless. “I had no weapons. I was holding my daughter’s birthday cake. I had nothing on it. I don’t understand why.”

“It’s a tragedy. I really can’t understand it. It hurts. I can’t understand how someone can do that to someone who is holding a cake.

“My husband went through without me, without anyone to take him by the hand, to console him. I want justice. I want justice for my children, for Calogero,” said Uresti.

Rosemarie Urseti, Duenes’ sister-in-law, opened a GoFundMe page for him, where she wrote that her entire family is devastated by the tragedy. Duenes left behind two girls, Serina Divine Duenes, 6, and Mallory Elizabeth Duenes, 3. She also wrote that this was not how he expected to start the new year.

Urseti said her brother-in-law and her sister have been a couple for more than a decade. Duenes was always a protector and a consummate prankster. He worked as a landscaper and helped neighbors with lawns and household needs. Although the neighbors insisted on paying him, Duenes would not accept the money from him.

Urseti said: “He said, ‘I don’t care. I didn’t have this as a kid. My children are going to have it.

“Her 3-year-old daughter is too young to understand, but her 6-year-old daughter knows what happened to her father.”

She added: “Serena cried herself to sleep the other night holding her dad’s shirt saying, ‘I miss dad so much.’

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