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Danae Mercer
Danae Mercer

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Danae Mercer, who lives in Dubai, has amassed 2 million followers on Instagram with her images revealing how a simple adjustment to pose, lighting, and outfit can dramatically change the appearance of an influencer on social media.

Danae, who also works as a model and journalist, took to Instagram to share a series of ads with her images that she had found on the Internet, saying that she found examples “every week.”

One brand used her image to promote a diet pill, saying that she had lost 22 pounds by taking the product. Another cream claimed to get rid of cellulite from her, while a third even did a bogus confidence pilot check using the pictures of her.

Danae Mercer Age

Danae Mercer is 33 years old.

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She shows how small changes can reduce the appearance of cellulite, create the illusion of muscle, and make your figure appear longer and slimmer.

But she says these same posts have been taken over by brands and used as ‘before and after’ shots that claim to show a happy customer that they have lost weight, toned up, or banished cellulite.

Speaking to FEMAIL, she said: ‘Basically, this has been happening to me for over six months. The most recent was this week: an Italian company was using one of my images to promote her anti-cellulite wand.

“ They pushed the ad on Facebook, so many of my Italian followers (promoted it in Italy) sent me messages about it.

“ As a woman who talks so much about self-love and body confidence, it’s incredibly frustrating that this keeps happening.

‘Brands that do this don’t care. They are stealing my image to sell products that literally go against everything I stand for.

I don’t know the solution. Some copyright lawyers have said that I can take action, but often even finding out who is behind these companies seems impossible.

“So I just want to educate people that this happens, and be so, so, so careful when it comes to brands like these.”

An image of her was first posted on Instagram where she ‘deliberately tilted’ her body so her butt was in the shadows while the soft, flattering lighting hid hers’ cellulite and smoothed out most of it. of her stretch marks’ of her.

But in the second, Danae was’ casually squatting by the mirror ‘and explained,’ My hips and thighs are in the sunlight. Lumps and bumps are visible.

This image was used to promote some kind of cellulite fix and shared with “before” and “after”.

Sharing her outrage on Instagram, Danae wrote: ‘Brands STEAL images all the time to SELL DIET PRODUCTS – So please be careful.

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‘Dozens of you have sent me this first photo here. It’s yet another company stealing my photo, putting their logo on it, and swearing that YOUR PRODUCT changed MY BODY.

‘This company has PROMOTED posting on Facebook. So if you are Italian and have Googled ‘body image’ recently, it has probably turned up. And the thing is, something like this happens EVERYONE. DAMNED. WEEK. for me and my photos.

‘Whether it’s a fast fat burning keto pill that claims its detox left me 10kg in a week, or just a dodgy’ body company ‘using my photos to sell their guides, the scams keep coming.

‘I am doing what I can (report, block, appeal). But really, really I want to remind you of something critical: A LOT of what we see on the internet is FALSE. Especially when it comes to diets. Weightloss. Or anything related to BODY SHAME.

“If a product seems too good to be true, it probably is. If you claim that you will lose weight INSTANTLY or STRETCHMARKS POOF, be careful.

And if you have a group of women rubbing their stomachs saying her lotion corrected ‘sagging skin’, challenge it. The diet and weight loss industry are worth BILLIONS OF MILLION. These brands are profiting. ‘



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