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Danielle Bregoli
Danielle Bregoli

Danielle Bregoli Wiki – Danielle Bregoli Biography

Danielle Bregoli, known professionally as Bhad Bhabie, is an American rapper, songwriter, and internet personality. She first became known starting with an episode of Dr. Phil in September 2016, in which she said the phrase, “Catch me outside, how about that?”, Which became a viral video meme and a slogan.

In 2017, Bregoli became the youngest rapper to appear on the Billboard Hot 100 chart with her debut single “These Heaux.” She subsequently signed a record deal with Atlantic Records and has now expanded into a reality show, a makeup brand, touring, and a music career. Bregoli released her first mixtape, 15, in September 2018. Her lead single, “Hi Bich,” became her second single to appear on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Danielle Bregoli Age

She is 18 years old.

BHAD BHABI Screw My OnlyFans Critics I’M RICH!!!

Teen rapper Bhad Bhabie, formerly known as Danielle Bregoli, lashed out at her critics after she earned $ 1 million during her first six hours as a model for OnlyFans, TMZ reports.

She was called too young to bear everything at OnlyFans. Bhad Bhabie, also known as Danielle Bregoli, says those enemies are simply jealous.

OnlyFans allows content creators to charge subscription fees to fans to watch them engage in sexually explicit acts – a salsa train that Bhad Bhabie (Danielle Bregoli) was delighted to participate in once she turned 18. she accessed her content, and apparently received an explosive amount of registrations as soon as she launched her page.

Bhad Bhambie, leaving the days of Danielle Bregoli behind, promised her OnlyFans subscribers the opportunity to “send direct messages to this user.” In an Instagram post on April 1, the teen rapper shared a photo of herself of her earnings from the first six hours after launching her OnlyFans page.

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NME reports that Bhad Bhabie, also known as Danielle Bregoli, earned $ 757,526.08 from subscriptions, $ 267,675 from DM payments, and $ 5,000 in tips.

“Not bad for six hours,” the rapper noted.


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