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Edward Cagney Mathews
Edward Cagney Mathews

Edward Cagney Mathews Wiki – Edward Cagney Mathews Biography

Edward Cagney Mathews was detained Monday night after protesters gathered outside his Mount Laurel home for several hours. She threw bottles of water and ice at him and the police officers as they pulled him out.

“It was a tough situation to get him out,” said Mt. Laurel Police Chief Steve Riedner said. “Unfortunately, some in the crowd made it more dangerous for everyone. Mathews will remain behind bars on assault charges until he is arraigned, which is expected in the next few days. ”

Edward Cagney Mathews Age

Edward Cagney Mathews is 45 years old.

Charges – Arrested

Edward Cagney Mathews was arrested Monday night, more than two days after he attacked his neighbor Friday with racial epithets, and said in a later interview that he was simply drinking too much and offering an apology to the unidentified black man who was captured. in a racial harassment video for no apparent reason other than the color of his skin.

“He certainly wasn’t expecting a game like that and he certainly wasn’t expecting to disrespect anyone,” Mathews told the Philadelphia Inquirer. “Let me be clear: that is no excuse for what I said, but I lost my patience.”

At first glance, the video is extremely jarring. Mathews, 45, confronts his neighbor and threatens him with racial slurs, at one point calling him “cute” and challenging any other neighbor to “come see me” while spilling his address at the condo complex. where they live.

He recommends discretion when watching the video.

But the next part was even more troubling when police arrived and Mathews, who seemed completely out of control, referred to the officer by his first name and ordered him to question neighbor, Black. The cop forces him, simply by telling Mathews, “drop it.”

The suburban Philadelphia community in Mt Laurel Township immediately rallied and staged protests in front of Mathews’ home for two days in a row until he was arrested Monday. The arrest, which was also videotaped, looked more like a police escort than a police officer detaining an alleged white supremacist criminal for racist acts committed against an innocent black person.

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The community responded by showering Mathews and the police with what appeared to be pieces of trash and some kind of liquid before another protester carrying a black liberation flag used it to hit Mathews on the head and back as they passed.

Mathews was only charged with intimidation and partial harassment but could face additional charges for possibly spitting on his black neighbor. Surprisingly, Mathews avoided, at least immediately, being charged with assault even though the local district attorney said that’s exactly what happened. No pending hate crime charges were mentioned.

Burlington County Prosecutor Scott Coffina credited the neighbor for showing “incredible restraint with someone who spat horrible and vile things in his face and assaulted him.”

The head of the local NAACP chapter said Mathews has been terrorizing his black neighbors for at least the past three years and called for more charges to be brought.

“We have seen people shoot for less. And (Mathews) not only used one of the most degrading terms you can give a black man, he said it without hesitation, but he also said it once the policeman came and cursed the policeman, ”he said. Southern Burlington NAACP President. Marcus Sibley told NJ.com.

The familiarity displayed between Mathews and the first officer on the scene Friday also suggests a level of intimacy between the two that is indicative of the broader problem of white supremacist sympathy in law enforcement.

“They had a casual conversation with him,” said a woman named Tia Brown of the police’s interaction with Mathews. “No one should have to deal with a neighbor like that.”


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