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Eugene Goodman
Eugene Goodman

Eugene Goodman Wiki, Eugene Goodman Biography

Eugene Goodman is a United States Capitol Police Officer (USCP) who is being praised for his courageous role in controlling the mod that broke into the Capitol building when the Senate and Congress held a joint session to ratify Biden’s victory. in the presidential elections of November 2020.

A group of domestic terrorists stormed the United States Capitol when Congress and the Senate held a joint session to certify the November 2020 elections on Wednesday, January 6, 2021. The skirmishes left five dead, the police officer of the Capitol and four protesters.

Bobic shared Goodman’s efforts to ward off Senate protesters in a series of live tweets. The video shows Goodman confronting a large group of protesters at the gate. In the footage, Bobic runs down the steps while filming, and a crowd can be heard shouting loudly. An officer’s asp baton is on the ground and Goodman is standing alone in the doorway facing the rioters.

“This is the terrifying moment when the protesters initially entered the building from the first floor and left the Senate chamber,” Bobic wrote on Twitter.

Goodman pushes a fast-moving protester in front of the group and grabs an asp staff from the ground as they go through the door. Goodman then leads the horde to the right, up the stairs and away from the Senate floor.

“The second floor,” Goodman says over the radio as he leads the angry crowd down the stairs. At the top of the stairs, four other officers join Goodman in confronting the group and telling them to leave. The protester who led the group inside shakes his head in defiance.

Wilson also touched on the action in the video.

“This moment in @igorbobic awesome pictures. In front of the officer, going up the stairs, there is a mass of rioters. The USCP officer looks to the left of him. Between those two chairs is the entrance to the Senate floor. He drew them to the right of him, away from his targets, ”he wrote.

Eugene Goodman Age

Eugene Goodman’s age is unknown.

Eugene Goodman Family

Goodman has at least one son, a young daughter. He shares photos of her on her social media profile, including one in which he is wearing the police uniform shirt, grinning widely as he spreads his arms and proudly displays her name tag, patches and her badge.

“I want to be like dad when I grow up, he says … We are in trouble !!!” He captioned the 2013 photo.

Assembly Vice President Michael Blake, NY-79 and former aide to the White House to Barack Obama, also honored Goodman on Twitter.

“His name from him is #EugeneGoodman”, he wrote. “With the domestic terrorists attacking him, he looked to his left, saw the Senate chamber, and led them to his right up the stairs to protect the people. A black person who protected the country from him even when she hasn’t protected him. Honor this man! ”

Goodman Is a U.S. Army Veteran & Served in Iraq

Goodman served in the United States military, including a foreign deployment to Iraq, he wrote on his Facebook page. He spent some time in the army stationed at Fort Campbell in Kentucky.

Campbell is home to the 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault). The US Army Garrison is located near the Tennessee-Kentucky state line.

Military.com describes the base as “a world-class community.”

The basic guide says:

Fort Campbell is a “World Class Community” and is home to the Screaming Eagles of the 101st Airborne, the Army’s only Air Assault Division. Fort Campbell is located on the Kentucky – Tennessee border between the cities of Hopkinsville Kentucky and Clarksville Tennessee.

Clarksville, TN and Hopkinsville, KY are patriotic communities. American flags flying from many poles and yellow ribbons serve as a reminder of those who are far away defending our freedoms. As Fort Campbell soldiers deploy and return from missions around the world, families, loved ones and the community greet them warmly.

Twitter Users Are Calling Goodman a Hero

Jaime Harrison of South Carolina, a former US Senate candidate, said that political leaders who were in the Senate should honor Goodman for his actions.

“The word hero does not adequately describe Officer Eugene Goodman,” he wrote. “His judgment and his heroism may have saved our Republic. I hope @SpeakerPelosi @SenSchumer @WhipClyburn will consider it for the Congressional Medal of Honor. It’s the least we can do.”

The Congressional Medal of Honor was awarded by Congress in 1958.

“The Medal of Honor is America’s highest award for military valor in action,” writes the Congressional Medal of Honor Society. “And although more than 150 years have passed since its creation, the meaning of the Medal has never been blurred. Etched within are the same values ​​that each Recipient displayed in the moments that mattered: bravery, courage, sacrifice, integrity. A deep love for the country and the desire to always do the right thing. A distinguished award given only to those who deserve it, the Medal tells a story of its own. ”

Goodman Lives in the DC Metro Area

Goodman has been a police officer for the U.S. Capitol Police since at least 2011, according to online records that list state outlays for the USCP. Her LinkedIn profile says that she works for the Capitol Police and lives in the Washington-DC metropolitan area. Her public presence online of hers is scarce and she has not posted publicly to Facebook since December 2019.

The United States Capitol Police has faced criticism since the Capitol rape. Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund resigned after the siege, and many questioned why there were not enough reinforcements to hold the line on the US Capitol. Some even questioned whether the police intentionally let the protesters in, which was questioned by witnesses at the scene.

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Marcus DiPaolo recorded a video of the breach in the Capitol, which circulated on Twitter alleging that police allowed protesters to pass through the barrier. DiPaolo said that was not the case. The cops were outnumbered 100 to 1, he said in an interview with New York Magazine’s Justin Miller.

“Definitely not only did they open the barriers, but the pro-Trump rioters also clenched their fists as if they were going to beat up the police, so I started filming, then they pushed back the barricades. Completely outnumbered, it wouldn’t have made any sense to fight, ”DiPaolo said.

He said that the police did not move the barrier and that the protesters pushed it aside.



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