Who is Griffin Kinard? Wiki, Biography, Age, Family, Viral Video, Punched A Woman

Griffin Kinard
Griffin Kinard

Griffin Kinard Wiki – Griffin Kinard Biography

The man who assaulted the woman has been identified as Griffin Kinard. Popular TikToker @tizzyent posted a video about the incident on social media, where the assailant’s brother revealed his identity. “Unfortunately this individual is my brother and his name is Griffin Kinard,” Quinten Kinard wrote in the comment section of the video. “My family and I do not tolerate this disgusting and bloody behavior.”


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Griffin’s LinkedIn profile says that he is a freelance writer from Brooklyn, New York, and previously worked as an advocate for youth in foster care. “I am responsible for creating, maintaining and maintaining a productive work schedule. I am also responsible for coming up with fun new ways to entertain my audience. I am responsible for setting and meeting the deadlines for my publisher, publisher, and audience.

I take pride in my work and expect nothing more than excellent reading material for my audience. I love thinking outside the box and I also love creating little challenges for myself in hopes of capturing the creativity of the reader and inspiring them to write a story of their own one day. Just as R.L Stine inspired me so many years ago.

A good book is a great start to a bright future. From the word of Griffin Kinard ”, he has written on his profile. Griffin also has a Facebook profile under the name “Tyshawn Posiedon (Micheal Thee Fallen One)”, according to which he is an employee of a cosmetics website called Kandy Kisses. It is unclear if the victim is pressing charges against Griffin.

Griffin Kinard Punched A Woman on the subway

Another video has taken a place on the Internet in which a man named Griffin Kinard hit a woman on the New York subway train. Yes, the video of the incident has gone viral in which the Nigerian recognized as Griffin Kinard struck a woman who was standing in front of him while the train was moving.

Someone recorded a Tik Tok video of the man and shared it on social media such as Instagram, Twitter. Since the video went viral on the internet, netizens are raising a lot of questions on social media. Whoever recorded the video identified the person in question as Griffin Kinard.

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A 1:26 minute video shows it all. Along with this, many netizens urge to take action against the man in question. Here are some more details of the incident.

The entire incident was recorded and shared on Tik Tok, from where it was later found on Twitter and other social media platforms. Well, it is not clear who shared this violent video first. The man identified as Griffin Kinard is seen arguing with a woman. Along with this, the video shows other men and women on the train watching the entire incident without interfering with the matter.

No one even stopped the man at this time. He called her a racist and after a heated argument, he punched her in the face. A person standing about 2 meters from them recorded the video and shared it on the Internet.


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