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Hatun Tash
Hatun Tash

Hatun Tash Wiki – Hatun Tash Biography

Hatun Tash a woman wearing a Charlie Hebdo T-shirt who was stabbed at Speakers’ Corner has been identified as a Christian preacher while counterterrorism agents investigate.

Hatun Tash was treated in hospital after being cut in the face with a knife in London’s Hyde Park in pouring rain Sunday afternoon.

She is from a group called DCCI (Defend Christ Critique Islam) Ministries which says that ‘she seeks to preach the Gospel to Muslims using apologetics and polemics.

Hatun Tash Age

Hatun Tash is 39 years old.

Hatun Tash is stabbed at Speakers’ Corner in Hyde Park

A distressing recording of the incident at 3.34 pm was posted on YouTube showing an unknown person dressed in a black hoodie attacking Ms. Tash, then running away.

She fell to the ground and was seen bleeding as crowds gathered around her. Ms. Tash later got up and proclaimed: ‘Cutting people’s arms is not going to help you.

The preacher added that ‘it is not about the blood on my hands and continued: ‘It is unacceptable that you are running from Jesus Christ.’

His Charlie Hebdo t-shirt featured a cartoon showing a man kissing a cartoonist with the slogan ‘L’amour plus fort que la Haine’ (love is stronger than hate).

Since then, Ms. Tash has been discharged from a hospital in London and Scotland Yard’s SO15 Counter-Terrorism Command is now leading the investigation.

But the force insisted that the incident “is not being treated as terrorism-related at this time” and that they were keeping an open mind about possible motives.

Detective Superintendent Alex Bingley, of the West Central Command Unit covering policing in Westminster, said: “ This was clearly a very distressing incident for the woman involved and officers have spent time with her, while she was being treated by his injury, an account of what happened.

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We know that this assault was witnessed by multiple people, many of whom captured it on their phones. I would ask you, if you have not already done so, to contact the police.

“We are still in the early stages of our investigation and are working hard to locate the person responsible.”

DS Bingley also asked people not to “speculate on the motive for the attack until we have established all the facts.”

Images shared on social media showed someone dressed in black approaching Ms. Tash, who was wearing a Charlie Hebdo t-shirt.

Later, Ms. Tash was seen grabbing her right hand close to her body and with what appeared to be blood on her temple as officers who were close to her helped her get into a station wagon. policeman.

No arrests have been made and a knife was found near the scene of the attack.

Twelve staff members of the satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo were shot dead in January 2015 by two brothers who swore allegiance to Al Qaeda.

The gunmen said they were taking revenge for the publication in the cartoon magazine of the Prophet Muhammad that many Muslims find offensive.

Ms. Tash has previously been attacked for drilling holes in the Quran and waving a cartoon of the Prophet Muhammad depicted as a crying baby.

DCCI Ministries states on its website: “Our motivation is love for Muslims to lead them to repentance and faith in Jesus Christ in order to attain eternal life.”

Speakers ‘Corner is a historic venue for outdoor debate, where people have gathered at Speakers’ Corner since the 1860s to exercise their right to freedom of expression.

Historical figures such as Karl Marx, Vladimir Lenin, and George Orwell are known to have visited to discuss the issues of the day.

In recent years, topics such as Islamic fundamentalism have often appeared in debates that normally take place on Sundays.


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