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Hayley Box
Hayley Box

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Hayley Box mother of two was arrested while making multiple attempts to board the Ryanair flight from Manchester Airport after drinking more than a bottle of white wine. The cabin crew notified police when they ignored the mask-wear request and then became violent when escorted from the flight.

Hayley Box Age

Hayley Box is 34 years old.

Charges – Arrested

She later claimed she was so drunk that she did not remember trying to board flight FR2626. When he appeared before the Manchester Magistrates Court, who lives in Shifnal, Shrops, he admitted being drunk on a plane and was fined £ 120.

“Your flight was scheduled to depart shortly after 6 am. He got on the plane. The cabin manager approached her. The cabin crew asked him to put on the mask, but the defendant disobeyed.

The booth manager said the defendant was slow to respond and listen to instructions. The defendant was also asked for his passport several times, but he did not respond to these requests. The chief flight attendant … told him he could go voluntarily or accompany the police.” Then he decided to put on his seat belt and the police were contacted.

When the police arrived, the defendant stood up and became quite aggressive. She started crying, claiming that her friend was dead and that she had to go to Ibiza. When the police climbed the stairs, they turned around. But the defendants tried to get on the plane and they took them away again. She was violent with the officers. ‘

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In an interview with police, he said he had a bottle of wine earlier in the day and went to bed for an hour at 2 a.m. before waking up an hour later for his flight. On Box’s mitigation, Defense attorney Jane Shaw said, “She is ashamed and embarrassed to be on trial today. She explains that she lost a friend in Ibiza due to an overdose in August 2020 and that the reason she went to Ibiza was to comfort her friends.

“She was very, very raw and didn’t expect her dear friend to die. He spent the night at the Clayton Hotel and drank a bottle of wine. He slept very little and stupidly drank another glass of wine at the airport to calm himself down. She was very excited and wanted to calm down. He doesn’t remember getting on the plane. He doesn’t remember speaking to the captain. The policeman said that he did not want to hear the story of what happened during the interview. It bothered her.

“She is a single mother and has two children. She is a beautician by profession, had a difficult 12 months, and had to rely on services for the first time. There does not appear to be a significant delay for the aircraft. There was a very small 10-minute delay on the plane. “”

The box was also ordered to pay a cost of £ 119.


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