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Heidi Kathleen Carter
Heidi Kathleen Carter

Heidi Kathleen Carter Wiki – Heidi Kathleen Carter Biography

Heidi Kathleen Carter, Two people died after a threesome organized by an Indiana woman on a dating app turned horribly violent when her boyfriend came home, police said.

Heidi Kathleen Carter faces murder and ra**pe charges after a man and woman were tortured for hours and found taped to chairs Tuesday night at an Evansville home, the Evansville Courier & Press reported.

Heidi Kathleen Carter Age

Heidi Kathleen Carter is 36 years old.

Charged – Arrested

Carter’s boyfriend, Carey Hammond, arrived at the home when Carter and the couple she invited were involved in “se**xual activity,” leading him to “get angry” and start hitting the man with a baseball bat, according to one police affidavit.

Carter and the other couple had been drinking and using drugs before Hammond arrived at the residence, WFIE reported.

Carter and Hammond then taped up both victims and abused them for hours, culminating in Hammond fatally suffocating the male victim with a belt, police said.

Later, officers shot Hammond as he was leaving the home with what officers thought was a weapon, but was actually a piece of metal or plastic that appeared to be one, authorities said. A police spokeswoman said investigators believe Hammond was trying to provoke the officers into fatally shooting him.

The victim, who said she was sexually assaulted by Carter and Hammond, survived the attack and was hospitalized. An update on her condition has not been released, Courier & Press reported.

Carter admitted to brandishing a gun and telling both victims that she knew how to “dispose of a body” with the help of someone in Indianapolis, but she insisted that she was only trying to help appease Hammond, according to the affidavit.

A woman who went to the house to clean it told police she heard a noise coming from a bedroom and then she saw what she thought was a corpse under a pile of pillows and blankets, according to the affidavit.

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Hammond tried to stop the woman from leaving, but she managed to escape and arrest a passing state trooper, who notified Evansville police, the newspaper reported.

Responding officers found the male victim dead inside and a woman who was tied up and injured, police said.

Carter has been charged with ra**pe, murder, abuse of a corpse, as well as criminal confinement with a firearm and related charges. There were also two teenagers in the house, as well as several pets. Cops are not sure how Carter and Hammond ended up at the home, the Courier & Press reported.

The residence is owned by another man, identified by WFIE as Jason Harvey. He told the station that he invited Carter over to her house because she had been living in a motel and needed a place to stay.

“Heidi stayed there until she could stand up, her boyfriend Carey hers started coming and things got bad with them fighting a lot,” Harvey said in a statement. “She had asked him not to invite anyone for my children, but [she] obviously didn’t listen.”

Harvey said that he was unaware of the gruesome murder as he was at work at the time. Police said he is not a suspect in the case and his children were not injured. Carter, meanwhile, remains incarcerated without bond, WFIE reported.


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