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Ian Cranston
Ian Cranston

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Ian Cranston, 27, was charged with murdering Barry Washington Jr., 22, after he reportedly delivered a “respectful compliment” to his girlfriend, Allie Butler, 27, in front of a bar. in Bend, Oregon. The shooting, which followed a physical altercation, was videotaped and shared on social media. Footage from the incident shows a woman, some claiming to be Butler, yelling profanity before they shoot themselves. Then a male voice, suspected of belonging to Cranston, exclaims, “Hey, call the police!” and laughter is heard.

The woman is later heard telling a man that the “guy on the ground” pushed her and hit her in the face, and also hit her boyfriend. Although Butler was not charged in Washington’s death, activists say she incited Cranston (she has been charged with crimes including second-degree murder, first-degree murder, and first-degree assault) and that she “found pleasure” in the attack. . Some even claim that she spat on a racial whore in Washington.

Ian Cranston Age

Ian Cranston was 27 years old.

Charged – Arrested

‘YOU ARE NOT A VICTIM. You laughed and found pleasure in the murder of a black man you stalked, antagonized and called n ***** when your boyfriend Ian Cranston shot and killed that young man. Now, this killer walks the streets of Bend after making a $ 10,000 payment on a manslaughter charge. While someone’s child, friend or loved one is dead, “wrote Facebook user Casey Morris.

“You walked away * laughing * as his body lay on the ground struggling to breathe. He lied to become a victim of a hate crime in which he participated. Then he posted the video of him in a media outlet for his own benefit.” LaRhonda Tyson, also using social media, blatantly called Butler a murderer. Another innocent black man has been killed again. His name is BARRY WASHINGTON. He was murdered in public, in cold blood, by IAN CRANSTON and ALLIE BUTLER, for Please help spread their story, ”exclaimed Tyson.

His claims were echoed by another Facebook user who said: “[Washington] was killed on video, taunted as he died, called racial slurs, most of the people in the club laughed at this black guy dying on the floor.”. His killer is Ian Cranston in Bend. Oh, his girlfriend and him laughing. I hope Allie Butler gets the karma she deserves! I didn’t even care if someone died in front of me.

It is unclear from the video if Butler contributed to the meeting, as the activists allege. Butler, who appears to have earned her bachelor’s degree from Portland State University, where she was also a cheerleader, appears to have had a happy relationship with Cranston. Photos shown on social media show the two smiling.

Butler’s mother, Patty, took to Facebook on Mother’s Day to thank Cranston and his “lovely daughter” for sending flowers to “make her day.” The post included a photo of a bouquet and a note that read: “For the strongest and kindest woman we know.” Happy Mother’s Day! With love, Ian and Allie. At this time, the Butler family has not commented publicly on the shooting.

Washington was shot on a Bend, Oregon street on September 19 after speaking with Butler outside a bar called The Capital. Deschutes County District Attorney John Hummel said: “The initial interaction between Barry and Mr. Cranston is believed to have started when Barry congratulated Mr. Cranston’s girlfriend.

“There is no evidence that what Mr. Washington did when he approached the woman was inappropriate. There is no accusation that he touched her, he grabbed her, he was rude to her. He complimented her in a respectful way. She was fine back. She said, “No thanks. I’m flattered but I’m in a relationship.” No accusation that anything Mr. Washington did was inappropriate.

That was the extent of the interaction, but Cranston, a machinist for bullet manufacturer Nosler, “was not happy,” it is alleged. Hummel said the two men had words outside, and that there was some shoving and hitting, but that things calmed down before Cranston allegedly pulled a gun from his waist and shot Washington.

The initial compliment was not caught on camera. Images said to show the deadly fight were shared on social media, with a man believed to be Washington filmed fighting another man moments before a shot is fired. Officers were called to the scene and found Washington, who lived in Bend, lying on the sidewalk with a gunshot wound.

He was rushed to the hospital and he died the next day. Cranston has now been charged with crimes including second-degree murder, first-degree manslaughter, and first-degree assault. He has not been charged with any hate crimes, but District Attorney Hummel said he is continuing an investigation into whether the murder was motivated by bias and drew a parallel between the murder and the historic racist killings of black men.

He said: “If we get enough evidence to show that this shooting was at least partially motivated by race, we will go back to that grand jury and ask them to add the charge. The initial interaction between Barry and Cranston is believed to have started when Barry congratulated the Cranston’s girlfriend. Our country has a shameful history of denigrating, prosecuting and lynching black men for speaking to white women. Over the past week, literally hundreds of people called and emailed me to remind me of this story. ”

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Cranston has since been arrested and held in the Deschutes County Jail without a bail order, Hummel said. Cranston’s attorney, Kevin Sali, accused Washington of being the assailant and claimed that he physically assaulted his client, leaving him with head injuries. In a statement to CNN, Sali said “indisputable” video evidence shows that “before Ian Cranston drew his gun, Barry Washington had assaulted him without provocation, resulting in head injuries that required police to attack him. will carry “. Cranston to the hospital where he had to perform a brain scan and other procedures. ”

Cranston’s defense attorney also scolded Hummel for his comments about race. After the evidence comes out at trial, I trust someone will ask the district attorney why he deliberately inflamed the community with statements that he knew were not supported by any evidence, “said Sali. Cranston did not plead guilty during his arraignment on Friday. He is due to return to court on December 7.

KTVZ reported that Cranston has no criminal record in Oregon. For the past year, he worked as a machinist for a company that makes bullets. Washington was a native of Benicia, California, who had recently moved to Bend with a friend, according to the Bend Bulletin. He is survived by his mother and his younger siblings.

“This is really overwhelming. The way my son was murdered … is too much, “wrote Washington’s mother, Lawanda Roberson.” I’m so hurt … I haven’t even started crying. The legal case is a lot … all while trying to put my son to rest.

Meanwhile, family and friends in Washington are demanding justice. At a vigil on Sept. 26, Washington’s mother, Lawanda Roberson, said she wanted to make sure she gave her son a voice. I am very surprised. I am incredulous. I always hear about these stories, ” she told KTVZ. I really want to speak for my son because I know there have been many misleading stories out there. ”

Washington’s aunt Valencia Roberson also shared at the vigil that the family believes his murder was racially motivated. Basically, she told him they could do whatever they wanted with her and kept calling him the “N” word, Valencia alleged. Washington allegedly asked Butler on a date, to which she refused.

Although the initial compliment was not caught on camera, the aftermath, including the fatal shooting, was recorded. In the video that is said to show the incident, a man believed to be Washington uses foul language and approaches someone off-camera. Lawanda Roberson has also been advocating for justice on her Facebook page.

In a post-Tuesday, she shared that she was “still in shock” and “overwhelmed with the legalities of the case.” He also issued heartfelt words to his deceased son, saying: ‘I see your big smile and your words that you always tell me’ mom, I’m going to be good ‘and you know your mom … don’t go to rest and go make sure Justice is served! There is no time to sit back and think about reality. Have you gone! But at the end of the night, reality hit and I can’t take it … my son, my baby is gone. ‘


Washington’s aunt launched a GoFundMe campaign to help the family. She has already attracted more than $ 57,000 in donations.


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