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Ivan Hall
Ivan Hall

Ivan Hall Wiki, Biography

Ivan Hall was born in Chicago, Illinois, before going to Texas as a kid. After graduating from Texas Tech University, he shortly lived in Orlando, Florida, but moved to Texas in 2018 and currently lives in Dallas.

He’s too close with his mom and talks to her “every day.” (Cue the awws.) He loves high-end cars, Filipino food (courtesy of his mom’s cooking), Crocs (he considers himself a “recovered” enthusiast), and intelligence, which he expects to find in his future spouse, a.k.a. Clare or Tayshia.


Ivan Hall is 28 years old.


Some of Ivan’s family yet lives in Chicago city, some in Texas, and some still further. A few immediate family members — including his dad, brother, and sister — lived or even lived in Panama.
Still, Ivan is close with his family and frequently posts photos and videos with his 5-year-old niece, Kehlani.

Tennis skills

Ivan recently showed off his tennis skills in an Instagram video, naming himself the “Best tennis player in #bachelornation.”

If you dig deep into the Google archives, you can also find Ivan’s name in several newspaper reports for his tennis playback in 2006. The Plano Star-Courier twice wrote about Ivan Hall’s matches while he was at Plano West High School.

Ivan also appears on the United States Tennis Association website in the standings to qualify for the Boys’ 16 Singles national championship tournament. However, Ivan finished well out of contention for a spot.

That doesn’t mean his right as Bachelor Nation’s best tennis player doesn’t have any validity to it, though.

Ivan’s an Aeronautical Engineer

Bennett Jordan’s confidence that he’d show how smart he is during a math and spelling challenge was misplaced, as he messed up some necessary numbers and couldn’t spell “limousine.” But he probably shouldn’t have been so self-confident in the first place when he was competing against an anesthesiologist and an aeronautical engineer.

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Ivan started working at Lockheed Martin, an aerospace, defense, and arms company, quickly after graduating from Texas Tech with a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering. He left the company in 2017 and spent a year working a similar job for Northrop Grumman are returning to work for Lockheed Martin in 2018.

As his ABC.com bio sets it, Ivan has “a seriously cool job building jets for the U.S. military.”

Tayshia’s Final 3

In the trailer for Tayshia’s season, spectators see her relationship with Ivan over both being biracial. According to Reality Steve, he performs it far on Tayshia’s season until her final three when he’s eliminated. Ivan’s elimination happens at an interesting point, as throughout that time, Tayshia’s first pick for her winner, Brendan, also quit the show. In the end, Tayshia cast Zac over Ben, though the two aren’t engaged, and Reality Steve believes they’re not going to last, per his sources. Ivan is in a unique position. Though the season 25 Bachelor, Matt James, was already chosen before the season, some of the past Bachelors have been eliminated in the final three or four, which gives Ivan a chance at being the lead in a future season.

Grown-Ass Man

Are you bored of people on The Bachelorette saying “Grown-Ass Man”? You’re not alone.
While we’ll retain our fingers crossed that phrase won’t survive past episode six (along with “smokeshow”), it’s worth recognizing that Ivan proved he’s just as grown-ass as the other competitors on the show, most of who are older than him.
After cruising within the math and spelling quiz and winning a game of tug of war, Ivan felt a little insulted that Bennett was named the competition winner.


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