Who is Jack Jesse Griffith (Liberty Dragon)?, Wiki, Biography, Age, Family, Arrested, Investigation

Jack Jesse Griffith
Jack Jesse Griffith

Jack Jesse Griffith Wiki, Jack Jesse Griffith Biography

Jack Jesse Griffith was arrested Saturday in Nashville, the Justice Department said.

Griffith, who also goes by the name Juan Bibiano and is on Twitter as “Dragon of Liberty”, had posted on Facebook a photo of himself wearing a red MAGA hat celebrating the breach while inside the so-called Capitol Crypt, the circular space with columns. The floor below the Rotunda, the feds said in court documents.

Jack Jesse Griffith Age

Jack Jesse is  25 years old.

Charged & Investigation

According to investigators, someone identified Griffith and shared posts from his Facebook account, where he used the name Juan Bibiano. They said one post included a photo of Griffith in what appeared to be the Crypt raising his clenched fist in the air. Investigators said another post included a message in which Griffith (Bibiano) said: “I even helped break into [sic] the capital today, but it only made things worse.”

Investigators also said Bibiano was seen on Facebook wearing clear glasses, a red baseball cap and a blue jacket that was unbuttoned and revealed two distinctive light-colored necklaces. According to police, the same distinctive necklace was seen on a Twitter account titled “Dragon of Freedom” worn by the same person.

The documents showed that investigators used photographs of Juan Bibiano on social media and compared them to the Tennessee DMV photograph of Jack Jesse Griffith to corroborate the identification.

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This was the third known Tennessee resident to be arrested and charged in connection with the riots at the United States Capitol. Matthew Bledsoe was arrested Friday in the Memphis area, and Eric Munchel, a Nashville man who became known as the “Zip Tie Guy,” was arrested last weekend.



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