Who is Jacob Cole McCarty? Wiki, Biography, Age, Parents, Missing, Father Pleads for Help Finding Son

Jacob Cole McCarty
Jacob Cole McCarty

Jacob Cole McCarty Wiki – Jacob Cole McCarty Biography

Jacob Cole McCarty of Corydon was last seen Tuesday, September 21, according to a Facebook post from the Harrison County Sheriff’s Department.

In a video posted Saturday, Sheriff Nick Smith said authorities believe the 14-year-old boy disappeared while he was taking his dog, a German shepherd named Isabella, for a walk in the woods.

Jacob Cole McCarty Age

Jacob Cole McCarty is 14 years old.

Father Pleads for Help Finding Son

An Indiana father asks the public for help finding his teenage son, who recently disappeared while walking his dog.

Standing next to Jacob’s father, Jeremiah McCarty, Smith noted in the video that officials believe Jacob may have been planning to meet someone he met online.

“His son has a presence in online games, like many of our children,” Smith explained. “We believe, with the information we have gathered in this investigation, that his son had met someone online and had plans to meet him.”

Despite searching the area thoroughly by land, air and with canine teams, as well as reviewing hundreds of hours of camera footage for every nearby business and residence, Smith said authorities “have not been able to find [Jacob] or who was with. ”

“We believe that, at this point, Jacob cannot return and we need your help,” he continued, before urging the public to review the security camera footage to see if they found the boy and his dog.

“It could be a gas station,” Smith said. “It could be a McDonald’s drive-thru. It could be anywhere. We don’t have the manpower to check all the cameras within a 200-mile radius, but you do … this is the day you can help [Jeremiah]. ”

A visibly excited Jeremiah also spoke during the video, begging the audience for his help through tears. “Anytime someone passes by looking at the cameras you have, please do so,” he pleaded. “Help me bring home such a good boy. He is such a good boy.”

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In an interview with Fox affiliate WDRB, Jeremiah added: “Someone has to know something. Someone has to know something.”

“I have to get him back,” he continued. “I just need to know that he’s safe. That’s all I really want to know right now.”

Jeremiah also pointed out how he has had multiple conversations with his son about internet safety, but Jacob often ignores him.

“He gave me the same old song and dance, you know, ‘I know, dad, I know,'” Jeremiah reminded WDRB. “I told him to be very careful what he said about anything in the house or about him. He knew. He knew as much as I could tell him.”

Police believe Jacob, who is approximately 5ft 4in and 200lb, could be wearing red Nike shoes, while Isabella likely has a turquoise harness wrapped around her body.

Anyone with information should contact the Harrison County Sheriff’s Office at (812) 738-3911.


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