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Jamal Danzy
Jamal Danzy

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Jamal Danzy of Hammond, Indiana, is charged with purchasing the gun from a licensed gun dealer in March. Emonte Morgan is charged with first-degree murder of a law enforcement officer, attempted first-degree murder of a law enforcement officer, aggravated unlawful use of a weapon, and unlawful use of a weapon by a criminal.

Jamal Danzy of Hammond, is charged with purchasing the gun from a licensed gun dealer in Hammond, Indiana, in March and then turning it over to an Illinois resident Danzy knew he was unable to buy or possess due to a conviction. for a felony.

His brother, Eric Morgan, 22, is charged with aggravated illegal use of a weapon, illegal use of a weapon by a criminal and obstruction of justice. The charges were announced by the Chicago Police Department Monday night and the Morgans are due to appear in court for a bond hearing Tuesday afternoon.

They were arrested for French’s murder when police showed up at the University of Chicago Medical Center where the dead cop’s partner was being treated and turned his back on Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot after she did. a visit. . Saturday.

Lightfoot was also verbally assaulted by the father of the French couple, who remains seriously ill at the hospital. It is said to have left her “shocked by the incident, which came after Chicago police accused her of not” turning her back on him, and Lightfoot called for an $ 80 million cut in the city’s police budget. ” October 2020.

Councilmember Anthony Napolitano – himself a former police officer – said that while he did not view Lightfoot as anti-police, it was her fault for encouraging police activists to withdraw funds, which, he said, left officers police behind. of the city very demoralized.

Jamal Danzy Age

Jamal Danzy is 29 years old.

Emonte Morgan and Eric Morgan were arrested and charged

Two brothers have been charged with the Chicago police shooting murder of Ella French when city police confront their mayor over the horrific murder. Emonte Morgan is charged with first-degree murder, attempted first-degree murder, aggravated unlawful use of a weapon, and unlawful use of a weapon by a criminal, according to the Cook County State Attorney’s Office.

Eric Morgan is charged with aggravated unlawful use of a weapon, unlawful use of a weapon by a criminal, and obstruction of justice.

Shooting – Incident Detail

Napolitano told the Chicago Sun Times: “I never saw her as an advocate against the police. But I will put this 550 percent on these socialists and these progressives on City Hall. This blood is on his hands, no doubt.

“They are the ones who created this whole anti-police movement that has made these blatant acts of violence against police officers possible: 39 this year alone. This is created by them. All this movement of lack of funding and lack of respect that they have started.

These pieces of shit are the ones who created this and they speak out against the police. And they are the ones who ask for more police in their communities. They are the biggest hypocrites. It disgusts me.

He spoke as it was also revealed that a woman who was in the car with the Morgan brothers has not been charged for lack of evidence.

Federal prosecutors on Monday charged an Indiana man with illegally purchasing and later supplying the semi-automatic pistol used in the shooting.

Officer French, 29, was killed in the shooting at a traffic stop Saturday night. The Morgan brothers were said to be driving with expired license plates, prompting police to stop them.

His death was the first fatal shooting of a Chicago officer in the line of duty since Lightfoot took office and the first female officer was shot and killed on the job there in 33 years.

Officer Ella French dies in traffic stop shooting

In the exchange of gunfire, one of the brothers was shot and wounded. They are due in court on Tuesday. At the time of the shooting, both brothers were on probation for separate cases. Emonte Morgan pleaded guilty to robbery in Cook County court last year. She also has other criminal charges on her record, including minor traffic violations such as leaving the scene of an accident, operating a vehicle without a license, and driving without insurance.

He was also charged with assault and robbery in 2019. Eric Morgan pleaded guilty to robbery in Dane County, Wisconsin, according to public records. The person who received it was in a vehicle from which someone shot officers Saturday night during a traffic stop and the officers who arrested him recovered the same weapon, according to a statement from the United States Attorney’s Office in Chicago. . .

Danzy of Hammond made an initial appearance Monday afternoon in United States District Court in Chicago for conspiracy to violate federal firearm laws, including the deliberate transfer of a firearm to a resident of another state. and the knowing disposition of a firearm to a convicted felon.

“We will never forget the true courage she exemplified when she gave her life to protect others,” the department said of French on Facebook, adding that her fellow officers “will mourn the loss of this hero.” The conspiracy conviction carries a maximum sentence of five years in prison. Federal Judge Jeffrey T. Gilbert ordered Danzy to be held until at least one detention hearing on Wednesday.

Chicago has for years sought to curb the influx of guns that has helped drive persistently high homicide rates in the city, especially in nearby states like Indiana, where gun rules are not as strict. Municipal, state and federal authorities have given high priority to illegal arms trafficking.

“We will never forget the true courage he exemplified when he gave his life to protect others,” the department said of French on Facebook, adding that his fellow officers “will mourn the loss of this hero.” The department also requested support for “French’s injured colleague, who is in the hospital fighting for his life.” Officer French’s brother also shed some more light on who his sister was. “She is my sister, she is my little sister. And as much as I was there for her growing up, she was there for me. And I was proud of her, I’m still proud of her … God took the wrong boy, “he told the Chicago Tribune.

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Officers stopped a vehicle with two men and a woman inside shortly after 9 p.m. On Saturday on Chicago’s South Side when a male passenger opened fire, Chicago Police Superintendent David Brown said. Investigators said officers had demanded that one of the suspects get out of the car. There was a physical altercation and the suspect then opened fire, shooting both officers.

Officers returned fire and beat the passenger who appeared to be shooting at them, Brown said. He did not release that man’s condition. When asked about the injured officer’s condition, Brown responded: “Critical. We need your prayers.” The superintendent said it was too early to say why the vehicle was stopped and what may have happened just before the shooting started. He said the available evidence included images from the police body camera, and a gun was recovered at the scene.

A large crowd of officers gathered outside the hospital’s ambulance entrance overnight, some hugging and praying, as Lightfoot spoke of the shooting to nearby reporters for the first time. Lightfoot said the officer who died “was very young on the job, but he was incredibly excited to get the job done.”

CPD officers pay their respects outside the hospital where the injured officer is being treated.
Moments before the bribery incident, Lightfoot had approached the wounded officer’s father, himself a retired Chicago police officer, who yelled at him and blamed her for the shooting, sources said. One of the sources told the newspaper that Lightfoot remained calm in the face of his father’s outrage and listened to him respectfully.

“The mayor was present in the emergency room to offer support and condolences to the families involved and the hundreds of line and exempt officers who were there, which she did,” a Lightfoot spokesperson told DailyMail.com in a statement. . In a time of tragedy, emotions run high and that’s to be expected. The mayor spoke to a variety of officers that tragic night and felt the overwhelming sentiment was about concern for his fallen colleagues, ”he added.

“As the mayor said yesterday, now is not the time for divisive and toxic rhetoric or reporting. This is a time for us to come together as a city, ”the statement said. No photos or video have emerged of the scene in Chicago, reminiscent of a 2014 incident in New York City, where hundreds of police officers turned their backs on Mayor Bill de Blasio after two officers were shot dead in an ambush. Cold-blooded.

At a press conference moments after leaving the hospital, “Lightfoot told reporters,” It’s very sad. We must remind ourselves every day that our officers are not afraid of danger. They are in danger to protect us. “It is a very sad and tragic day for our city,” added the Democrat, who proposed cutting $ 80 million from the CPD budget amid demonstrations of “lack of police funding” last year.

The proposal was later downgraded and Lightfoot has denounced the measure as “insufficiently funded,” but the Chicago police union still cast a “no-confidence” vote on the mayor earlier this year. The police are not our enemy, ”Lightfoot said later Sunday. “We must unite … We have a common enemy: guns and gangs.”


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