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Janice Cruz
Janice Cruz

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Janice Cruz, a New York City woman, was arrested Friday morning in connection with the death of her nearly 100-year-old aunt.

“I killed her,” the victim’s half-century niece reportedly said when arresting the police officers, repeating the phrase without feeling.

Janice Cruz is charged with murder and strangulation in the death of Antonia Cardona, 97.

Janice Cruz Age

Janice Cruz is 50 years old.

Killed 97-Year-Old Aunt – Arrested

According to the New York Post, Cruz was taken in handcuffs at the Baruch Houses apartment complex in the Lower East Side neighborhood of Manhattan when she nonchalantly confessed to the crime to three police officers who came to the scene.

The Lower East Side is one of the safest neighborhoods in New York City. According to the Daily News, the 7th NYPD precinct had only recorded two murders, prior to Cardona’s death, since 2016.

“She was handcuffed and kept telling the police: ‘I killed her,'” said a neighbor identified by the media only as Maria.

“And they said, ‘Okay, you did it, but she’s still paying attention to what we’re telling you. She walks around here, ‘” the neighbor recalled before adding,“ [She] wasn’t yelling. She kept saying, all-natural, like nothing, “I killed her. I killed her. ‘” ”

That account clashed somewhat with what other neighbors allegedly told the Daily News, which described Cruz’s alleged public confessions as “screaming” and “howling.”

Despite the wood of those alleged statements, Cruz was charged with Cardona’s death as of Sunday after being transferred to Bellevue Hospital, the oldest public hospital in the United States, for a psychiatric evaluation.

“I don’t understand it, because she brought him food every day,” Culma Mercado, 76, a friend of the deceased who knew her family, told the Daily News. “She Every day she took care of her.”

Confused or not as to why the longtime friend said she was certain that her niece was to blame for the victim’s untimely death.

“There is no doubt that she was the one who did it, she was crazy,” alleged Mercado. “We’re still thinking ‘What made her do this?’ … Something must have set it off. ”

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So far, the NYPD has not released a public motive for the alleged murder. The victim’s grandson, however, had some thoughts about the tragedy.

Chris Cardona said his grandmother often helped various family members with their own financial difficulties.

“I really hope the police will investigate this well,” he told the outlet. “I don’t know 100%, but it had to be for money.”

Cardona moved to New York City when he was 20 years old and reportedly loved going for a walk until recently. She also attended church regularly.

“For her age, she was in very good health,” said her grandson, who lives in Oklahoma. “She was not afraid of anything. But in recent years, her health has worsened.”

New York police were reportedly alerted to Cardona’s death after Cruz allegedly first confessed to her 19-year-old son, according to the Post. Citing departmental sources, the outlet says the defendant has a history of mental health problems but did not specify what kind.

The victim’s body was found by her health aide at the home, according to the Daily News. Rosa Pérez went with Cardona to mass every Sunday at Nuestra Señora de los Dolores.

“If I found her in a normal death, a normal death, she would not be who I am,” Pérez said through tears in Spanish. “She was a sweetheart.”


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