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Jaslyn Adams
Jaslyn Adams

Jaslyn Adams Wiki – Jaslyn Adams Biography

Jaslyn Adams was shot and killed in McDonald’s self-service. The girl’s father, Jontae Adams, was also injured. She was a 7-year-old girl who had a truly splendid character.

Members of her family say that she loved to move, record on TikTok and McDonald’s. She was at a McDonald’s when the shooting happened and it took her life. Jaslyn Adams was shot and killed inside her vehicle at McDonald’s in Chicago’s Homan Square neighborhood on April 18 late at night.

Jaslyn Adams Age

Jaslyn Adams was 7 years old.

Shot & Killed

Police announced that the injured were taken to the Stoger Clinic from 4:15 to 4:30 pm, where the dead girl was later articulated. There were about 40 slug marks everywhere on the Infinity Sedan vehicle that Jontae owned. A lady had yelled that she had shot a baby while the police were working there.

In any case, Jaslyn Adams had been shot several times, which was the reason for her death. Meanwhile, her father, Jontae, was shot in the middle. Jaslyn and Jontae were a father and girl couple who were up to date on the shooting.

The young woman died from various injuries while treating her father and she is considered to be fine at this time. From what we know at this point, Jaslyn lived with her mom and had 3 different relatives and from time to time she dated her dad.

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The young woman’s grandmother, Lawanda McMullen, discovered that her son, Jontae, had called her hysterically, expressing that she had shot her baby. Currently, Jaslyn’s aunt, Twany McMullen, said that hers of her own 8-year-old will not come out of it, fearing they will be shot.

Also, the family lamented that little Jaslyn was tenderly classified as “Pinky” because pink was her number one shade. There have been no suspects so far. Consequently, no one has been caught at this time. Police presume she identified herself with a package and the attackers may not need to meet the Adams over time.


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