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Jason Collier
Jason Collier

Jason Collier Wiki – Jason Collier Biography

Jason Collier is the chief of the Stinnett Police Department in Texas who was fired after a Facebook post by a woman who says his lover unknowingly accused him of living a “double/triple life” with at least two girlfriends while he is married with four children. The Facebook post quickly went viral, spreading through the small town of Collier in the North Texas Panhandle of 1,800 people and across the internet.

Jason Brent Collier has worked for various Texas police departments in numerous capacities, including as an officer, detective, and briefly as the chief of police for the Sunray Police Department. He has more than 21 years of law enforcement experience and was appointed chief of the Stinnett Police Department in February 2020. The Hutchinson County department has three other full-time police officers and three reserve officers.

In a Facebook post announcing Collier’s hiring, the department wrote: “We are excited to announce our NEW Chief of Police, Jason Collier. Chief Collier comes from the Borger Police Department, where he was a sergeant. Chief Collier is married with 4 children, ordained minister, 21 years of law enforcement, graduate of the FBI-LEEDA trilogy, TCOLE instructor, chief police officer, winner of the Texas State Medal of Valor. ”

That Facebook post was updated in November 2020 to remove the reference to Collier being married, according to screenshots posted by Steinmetz. The department’s entire Facebook page was subsequently removed on January 27.

According to his LinkedIn profile, Collier worked as a deputy sheriff in the Gray County Sheriff’s Department from January 2016 to June 2016. He then worked as a customer experience supervisor for Greyhound Lines Inc. before being hired as an officer at Borger. He was chief of police in Sunray, Texas from October 2015 to January 2016, he was a detective for the Pampa Police Department from 2010 to 2015 and he was chief of the Ralls Police Department from 2008 to 2010. He also worked as a lieutenant with the Friona Police Department.

Jason Collier Age

Jason Collier is 41 years old.

Jason Collier Wife

Collier has been married twice and has four children, two with his ex-wife and two with his current wife, Opal Collier. In September 2020, he wrote a Facebook post wishing his wife a happy anniversary. Collier’s wife has not commented on the Facebook drama.

“Happy anniversary to my beautiful girlfriend! I couldn’t imagine living this life without you, “Collier wrote in his now-deleted September 3, 2020 post.” I know I can’t be the godly husband every day, but I know I will work hard to be the man to help you! you deserve! God has blessed me with you and I can’t wait to see everything He has in the works for us. Thank you for loving me, sacrificing yourself for us and walking this life by my side! I love you … Here are many years and memories to come! ”

According to Steinmetz, she confronted Collier about being married and he tried to pretend that his marriage was annulled in 2016. Steinmetz wrote on Facebook, “He even provided me with a photo of a forged document, which I have verified with Potter. County will be invalid. ”

Steinmetz wrote on Facebook on January 26: “Chief Jason Collier made his way into my life, the lives of my children and my family. Spent the weekend with me on vacation in Taos last weekend. He told me all weekend that he was eager to marry me. Turns out I’m not the only one. He also has a girlfriend in Kansas who he had also asked to marry him. All of this PLUS a wife at home with whom he claims to have split in 2016. ”

She added, “He took me on shift with him last week as well, but wouldn’t introduce me to the ladies in the office since according to him, ‘they’re b****** and one is mad I won’t date her sister.’ Everything he told me and my family is a lie and is a misrepresentation of your city. It clearly has no morals or ethics. He has also driven to visit me in Amarillo while he was on duty in his police vehicle. He has not only hurt me, but he has also hurt my children with his lies … The jig’s over, Jason. ”

Steinmetz added: “Anyway, I hope this serves as a warning to anyone else I lie to and manipulate. I feel stupid for going public with this, but I’ll take the shame if it saves someone else from heartache. ”


Steinmetz posted a photo on Facebook on January 18 with Collier. The comments on the photo begin with typical messages from friends. One wrote: “Beautiful couple❤️❤️”. Another said, “Look at everyone!” But on January 25, Steinmetz commented on his own post: “Oh hey…. he may want to make sure mutual friends don’t know his WIFE. ”

Another woman, Kristi Shaffer, began to comment saying that she had also been dating Collier and believed that he was only dating her. She said they had been engaged since December 2020. Steinmetz and Shaffer then began comparing the excuses she gave them for why she was away and learned that she was often with them or another woman, or his wife, on those occasions. Steinmetz and Shaffer commented that he would say he was working on special police assignments, such as the Portland protests or the aftermath of the Christmas Day bombing in downtown Nashville.

“He claims to have a side job with the government in case of national disturbances/emergencies,” Steinmetz said on Facebook.

Steinmetz wrote: “Wow, the weekend of the 16th. He told me he was in Lubbock helping his disabled brother.” Shaffer replied, “Wait… is your brother disabled?!?! ??! … No, we were in Wichita … he broke the window of my house and we went to repair it. ” Steinmetz responded, “Oh wow! He told me that his son closed the door and broke the window ”, to which Shaffer said,“ my son did it !!!!!!! The glass is still in my front yard. ”

Steinmetz and Shaffer also discovered that Collier had bought each of them the same gift: a coffee pot. “I wanted to buy a coffee pot as a wedding present !!!!! At Target with my kids, ”Shaffer wrote. Steinmetz said: “He only mentioned buying a coffee pot for my house on Sunday since I don’t drink coffee and he does.”

A third woman has also come forward to say that she was dating Collier as well, while other women said they had similar experiences meeting him on dating apps, such as Plenty of Fish. Steinmetz posted a screenshot of Collier’s dating profile.

“Looking for friendship and then more from there,” Collier wrote on his Plenty of Fish page. “I’m not looking for a connection. Sincere conversation, building trust and relationship first. Looking forward to hearing from you!”

Another woman said Collier’s behavior dates back to 2007. Angie Cogdill Bowman posted on the City of Stinnett’s Facebook page saying that Collier had done the same to her. Bowman’s son, Brett Eggers, later added more about his mother’s allegations in a Facebook group dedicated to Collier:

My mother Angie Cogdill Bowman, was in a dating relationship with Jason Collier in 2007. Jason claimed that his wife and the mother of his three-year-old daughter were dead. Jason said he had a crazy ex-girlfriend, who turned out to be his wife, Mandy Collier, who was not dead. My mother met all of her family and they did not say a word about his current wife or her relationship with my mother. I believe she lived in Hereford, Texas with her father and worked for the Friona Police Department. There are a couple of little stories that I vaguely remember about the guy, but he gives all police officers a bad name.

Another woman, Heather Owen, posted photos with Collier and shared other details:

Yes, the same damn thing! He didn’t propose to me, but kept telling me that he loved me! He was talking about the future, moving to Wyoming. He described himself as a Christian man. He would pray for our relationship and future. He made me think that he had found Mr. Perfect! A friend of mine, seeing me fall hard and fast in love with this guy, decided to do a little research on him and found out some things that pointed to him still being married. I called him and he sent me the same b.s. annulment papers. I finally got confirmation from his brother via Facebook that he is still married! I had no idea that he was doing the same to other women!

Collier Sent an Apology Video to Steinmetz

Collier sent an apology video to Steinmetz, which she posted on Facebook. In the video, Collier said, “I feel like the biggest piece of s***. Sorry.” The video was recorded in Collier’s police vehicle while he was in uniform.

Collier continued, “I didn’t mean to hide anything or lie to you. Sorry. I’m so sorry. Please, I just want you to forgive me. I’m sorry. I’m sorry.” In the video, his police radio can be heard in the background.

Steinmetz wrote on Facebook, “He has been gaslighting me today acting like I’m crazy and that everything I’ve found isn’t him. … I’m embarrassed, pissed off and humiliated.”

Shaffer said she met Collier in December and by the end of the month, he had planned to propose. “He actually begged me to pick out a ring so he could ask my Dad for my hand….my parents live in Idaho,” she wrote on Facebook. Steinmetz replied to her comment, “he couldn’t wait to ask my dad as well.

When asked by another friend if there were other women, Steinmetz replied, “I’m sure there are more. He had asked both me and Kristi to marry him, the sooner the better he said.”

Steinmetz said on Facebook, “When I started questioning him about more things today he turned it on me and said we aren’t compatible anymore because he doesn’t feel I have a relationship with God and don’t go to church.”

Steinmetz and Shaffer said what they experienced was a form of “love bombing.” According to Healthline, “love bombing” is, “when someone overwhelms you with loving words, actions, and behavior as a manipulation technique.”

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Shaffer wrote on Facebook, “He kept trying to buy me things, buy my kids things, and got angry when I said look I don’t need those things, I’m their provider. He made an excuse every time I called him on something that didn’t fit. It always haunted me that he had sent me a photo of his bedroom. And kitchen and dining room.”

Steinmetz added, “that’s sick!! He wouldn’t let me pay for anything either. He used several different cards when paying for things on our trip this weekend. He also told me how attractive it was to him that I didn’t ‘need’ him and was self-sufficient.”



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