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Jason Irvine
Jason Irvine

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Jason Irvine, a bottle-wielding man who attacked an Edinburgh priest on Monday has been charged with two counts of assault.

Jason Irvine assaulted Father Jamie McMorrin, 35, during his morning prayers at 9:35 a.m. Monday at St Mary’s Cathedral.

Jason Irvine Age

Jason Irvine is 31 years old.

Jason Irvine assaulted Father Jamie McMorrin

Irvine, homeless, appeared in Edinburgh Sheriff’s Court this afternoon in a petition hearing in which he did not plead guilty.

He is currently in custody and his next hearing is in eight days.

Father Jamie McMorrin, 35, was assaulted during his morning prayers at 9:35 a.m. Monday at St Mary’s Cathedral.

Irvine is believed to have asked Fr. McMorrin if he was a priest and threw a bottle at him when he replied that he was.

Leaders of the Archdiocese of St Andrews and Edinburgh issued a statement on the assault. The organization said: ‘A priest sitting alone praying on a bench was subjected to a violent and unprovoked assault by a man carrying a glass bottle.

Before the attack, the man had asked him if he was a priest.

“When the priest answered yes, the man tried to hit him on the head with the bottle, before chasing him to the back of the cathedral.”

The priest narrowly missed the bottle and managed to escape to the rear of the cathedral, where he used a chair to defend himself from the man. The man had broken the bottle during the first hit and continued it in the attack.

Father McMorrin managed to escape the attack unscathed.

Ten minutes after attacking Fr. McMorrin, Irvine made another assault on Princes Street Gardens East.

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The man appeared in Edinburgh Sheriff’s Court today. He has been accused of connections to St Mary’s Cathedral and the Princes Street Gardens East robberies.

“We can confirm that a 31-year-old man has been arrested in Cumbria in connection with a robbery at a church on York Place in Edinburgh and a further robbery in Princes Street Gardens,” Scottish police told the Edinburgh Evening News.

There has been a great deal of support from parishioners and from the city, who have called the priest “kind and gentle.”

Edinburgh City Council leader Adam McVey described McMorrin’s assault as “gruesome”.

While many wish him warm blessings, others hope the attacker will face court time for his assault and question his mental health.

One Twitter user said: ‘Embarrassing. I hope that whoever he was, he feels the force of the judicial system.

While another said: ‘There must be a mental illness involved. How else can people not be left alone with their faith? Outrageous.’


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