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Jennie Clark
Jennie Clark

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Jennie Clark, On July 4, an argument between the spouses ended with the death of the husband, the result of a car accident that, according to authorities, was intentional.

“Are you ready to die?” Jennie Clark, 42, allegedly asked her family as she threatened to crash their minivan into a tree as she drove them home shortly after midnight that Sunday. “Want to die?”

Jennie Clark Age

Jennie Clark is 42 years old.

Incident Detail

Traveling west on Colby Street in Ogden, New York, the minivan briefly veered into oncoming traffic before a high-speed alliance with a utility pole. A section of the pole collided with the vehicle and struck the driver’s husband and front-seat passenger, Matthew Clark, 43.

He died instantly. Prosecutors allege that his death was intentional.

“It is important to note that this was not an accident,” Monroe County Deputy District Attorney Amanda Balling said during an arraignment Thursday. “It was an intentional accident, a deliberate act, and that is why the grand jury has charged her with depraved disregard for human life, a total disregard, a cold and insensitive act.”

Accused – Charges

Jennie Clark is charged with countless crimes, including second-degree murder, as well as vehicular manslaughter, reckless danger, aggravated driving while intoxicated with a child passenger, and drug-impaired driving ability, to name a few.

According to WHAM, a local ABC affiliate, the defendant pleaded not guilty to all charges against her after being charged.

Court documents reviewed by the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle allege that Jennie Clark was “speeding, drunk and while she was arguing with her husband.” After initial criminal information, the allegedly self-made widow received numerous additional charges from a grand jury.

The couple’s three children, all under the age of 15, were sitting in the back seats of the minivan when their mother crashed. All are unharmed. But at least one of the children is likely to prove critical in the state’s case against her mother.

Attorneys on both sides here are outraged by the evidence against the defendant, primarily an iPhone video recorded by one of Clark’s daughters where the defendant’s mother, amid the fickle argument, allegedly asks her family if they are “willing to die”. ”

“It is a tragedy that was 100 percent preventable and in a matter of minutes, the lives of three children were changed forever,” Balling told CBS local affiliate WROC. “I have had cases similar to this where parents have acted in a way that is incredibly dangerous to their children and our job and the district attorney’s office is to do everything possible to make sure that people who hurt children be held accountable. ”

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Clark’s defense attorney has admitted that the video evidence against her client is likely to prove formidable in the prosecution’s main case.

“Yes, there is a video; it remains to be seen whether or not that video will be admissible at trial in this case,” Joe D’Amelio told local NBC affiliate WHEC. “I think it’s a horrible set of circumstances, it’s a terrible perspective. It’s something that we’ll have to deal with … sometimes people say things they don’t mean and then when they turn out a certain way, you know, I have. viewed “.

“This is the first time I have seen a murder 2 charged in vehicular manslaughter for sure. And we see it more and more in recent years, videos, especially phone audios and videos, “added the defense attorney in comments to WROC. He also called the video “alarming.”

First responders during the early morning hours of the national holiday encountered a viscerally disturbing scene, beyond gruesome.

Jennie Clark was “crying” and “reeling,” according to the Ogden Police Department. Witness to the affair, authorities allege, the woman’s speech was “dragged” and “murmuring.”

Police Chief Chris Mears was quick to explain thereafter that the defendant was charged with murder for actions that displayed a “depraved disregard for human life.”

Since then, the mother of three has been prohibited from communicating with her children in any shape or form.

The protection order, which prohibits communication in person, by telephone, by third parties, or electronically, will remain in effect for one year.

She is currently being held on a cash bond of $ 200,000.


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