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Jeremy Lin
Jeremy Lin

Jeremy Lin Wiki – Jeremy Lin Biography

Jeremy Lin was born on August 23, 1988, to Taiwanese-American parents, said to be emigrants who moved to the United States in the 1970s. His father’s name is Lin Gie Ming, while their mother is Shirley Lin and they have two other children named Joseph, a Fubon Braves player and Josh, a dentist.

Lin attended Palo Alto High School, where he was an active member of his school’s basketball team and was even named the team captain in his senior year, as well as being named Northern California Player of the Year. However, even though he had a successful high school career, he was unable to get any scholarships as an athlete, which eventually led to him attending Harvard University, where he played in the Ivy League and was named an All-player. Conference in the league for 3 years. times.

Jeremy Lin, the first Taiwanese American to play in the NBA, became very popular in 2012 when he played so talentedly in his team’s victory game against Maverick that he earned the nickname “Linsanity.”

Jeremy Lin Age

Jeremy Lin is 32 years old.

Jeremy Lin Career

Entering the NBA was not easy for Jeremy, as he was not drafted after college in 2010, but later that year, he signed with the Golden State Warriors for a 2-year contract which, however, was not. a fully guaranteed contract. It is said that he made his debut for the team on Warriors Asian Heritage Night, but did not appear in many games during his time with the franchise. He was in 29 games in which he played an average of 9.8 minutes each and did not make any starts for the team.

It was during Jeremy’s time with the New York Knicks from 2011 to 2012 that the Asian-American NBA star became man of the match when he led the Knicks to a surprising victory and his popular name “Linsanity” emerged. However, he didn’t stay long with the Knicks when he went on to play for the Houston Rockets, a period that was supposed to last three seasons but only covered two, from 2012 to 2014. For the next season, Jeremy Lin played one year. for the Los Angeles Lakers after he was traded to the franchise. The following year, the Charlotte Hornets hired him as a backup point guard for Kemba Walker.

Jeremy Lin also played for the Brooklyn Nets from 2016 to 2018, but compared to his previous years after being tagged as “Linsanity,” the player did not have an impressive performance, which was mainly due to the fact that he suffered a couple of injuries during period. In July 2018, Lin was traded to the Atlanta Hawks and currently plays for them.

Jeremy Lin Relationship

Like right now, Linsanity is not a married man nor is there any rumor that she is dating anyone. However, the NBA player revealed in 2012 that if he married, he would be with a devout Christian lady who, on top of that, loves to help people, a fun person and should not be. Extravagant. Although it’s been a couple of years since he listed these qualities, the celebrity gamer has yet to connect with anyone. Perhaps, he is still waiting for the perfect match from him.

Jeremy Lin says he has been called ‘coronavirus’ on the court

This was not a direct accusation, rather an example of what you are facing, but it is regrettable nonetheless.

In an Instagram post about the racism facing Asian-Americans, former Knicks guard Jeremy Lin said that on the court it has been called a “coronavirus,” in reference to the global pandemic that started in China.

“Being an Asian-American does not mean we do not experience poverty and racism,” Lin, who currently plays in the G-League bubble with the Santa Cruz Warriors, wrote in the post. “Being a 9-year NBA veteran doesn’t protect me from being called ‘coronavirus’ on the court.”

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Lin, 32, has voiced his views on the rise in hate crimes against Asians.

“Something is changing in this generation of Asian Americans,” Lin wrote. “We are tired of being told not to experience racism, we are tired of being told to keep our heads down and not cause problems. We are tired of Asian American kids growing up and being asked where they REALLY are from, making fun of our eyes, being considered exotic, or being told that we are inherently unattractive.

“We are tired of the stereotypes in Hollywood that affect our psyche and limit what we think we can be. We are tired of being invisible, of being confused with our colleagues, or of being told that our struggles are not so real. ”



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