Who is Jesse Lee Wood? Wiki, Bio, Age, S*ex offender stages suicide to avoid court date

Jesse Lee Wood
Jesse Lee Wood

Jesse Lee Wood Wiki – Jesse Lee Wood Biography

Jesse Lee Wood, a West Virginia man is charged with attempting to commit suicide to avoid being sentenced for failing to register as a s**ex offender.

Jesse Lee Wood allegedly tried to make it look like he jumped into the Ohio River from the Ravenswood Bridge on Thursday morning, a day before he was facing a judge, according to WCHS.

Jesse Lee Wood Age

Jesse Lee Wood is 26 years old.

S**ex offender stages suicide to avoid a court date

The sheriff said Wood was on probation and scheduled to be sentenced at 11 a.m. Friday. He had pleaded guilty to a charge related to a s**ex crime.

Around 11 a.m. On Thursday, first responders were notified of a possible suicide from the Ritchie Bridge, which spans the Ohio River from Ravenswood to Meigs County, Ohio.

Investigators say Wood’s cell phone and vehicle were left near the bridge as part of a staged scene. He was later found hiding in a closet in his house.

“We sent units to his residence, which was nearby … When we went to the residence, we found bridge jumper Jesse Lee Wood hiding inside the residence in a closet,” Mellinger said.

The Ritchie Bridge was closed for some time during the investigation, disrupting traffic for several drivers.

“Everything was intentionally arranged so that I could collect his belongings when the incident was cleared up,” Mellinger said.

Wood faces charges of falsifying an emergency report while he is on probation for a s**ex crime and failing to register as a s**ex offender.

“We asked him directly ‘why the hell do you want people to believe that? Would he want people to think that he killed himself and jumped off this bridge? ‘And the only response from him was because he wanted them to believe that,’ “Mellinger said.

Wood parked his truck near the bridge overnight and sent an acquaintance a suicide note detailing where his belongings could be found, officers told the station.

When first responders arrived at the scene, they found his vehicle near him and his cell phone on the edge of the bridge that separates West Virginia and Ohio, the article says.

“When we got there, we found what was originally believed to be a legitimate bridge jumper,” said Jackson County Sheriff Ross Mellinger during a briefing on the incident. “We’ve had several here over the years and overall, on the surface, it didn’t look much different than what we’ve had in the past.”

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Once police learned that Wood was due to be sentenced in Jackson County circuit court the next day, they searched his home and found him hiding in a closet, the sheriff said.

“We asked him directly why the hell would you want people to think you would want to kill yourself and jump off this bridge,” Mellinger said. “His only response from him was ‘because he wanted them to believe that.’ So, we have to wholeheartedly believe at this point that this went straight to the impending court day.”

The cops reportedly believed Wood planned to wait until the cops left the scene, then fetch his car and hit the road.

He was charged with falsifying an emergency report and sent to jail, authorities said.


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