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Jessica Leidolph
Jessica Leidolph

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Jessica Leidolph, who also works as an animal rights activist, was flown to a specialist clinic after Tuesday’s incident at a compound in the eastern German city of Nebra. The complex is used as a retirement home for show animals, and 16-year-old Leopard Troja, who lives there, attacked her during the photo shoot.

According to local media, Jessica entered the leopard enclosure at the “Seniorenresidenz fur Showtiere,” which translates to “retreat house for show animals,” when the 16-year-old Troja leopard suddenly attacked her. German police are now investigating the leopard attack, with particular attention to Birgit Stache, the 48-year-old owner of the big cat, who is being investigated on suspicion of negligent bodily injury, the DPA news agency said.

Jessica Leidolph Age

Jessica Leidolph is 36 years old.

Jessica Leidolph is in the hospital after a leopard attack during a photoshoot

A model was attacked by a leopard during a photoshoot in Germany. It is said that her ordeal marked her for life.

Jessica Leidolph, who is also an animal rights activist, had to be airlifted to a specialized clinic after the incident on Tuesday, August 24, at a complex in the eastern German city of Nebra. . The complex is reportedly used as a retirement home for show animals, one of which is the 16-year-old Troja leopard, which attacked Leidolph during filming.

Leidolph entered the leopard’s enclosure at the “Seniorenresidenz fur Showtiere,” which translates to “retreat house for show animals,” when the 16-year-old beast attacked her without provocation. The incident is being investigated by German authorities, targeting the big cat’s owner, Birgit Stache, 48, on suspicion of negligent bodily injury, according to the DPA news agency. Police are also investigating what security precautions were taken and who else was present at the photoshoot.

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The complex was visited on Wednesday, August 25, by a public health official to verify that the animals were properly maintained and that the facility met regulatory standards. Stache, who spent more than two decades as an animal trainer for circuses and amusement parks, has owned the leopard involved in the attack along with another since 2019.

According to the Daily Mail, Troja and 18-year-old Paris, another leopard in the complex, had once appeared in a Panasonic ad before being moved to the nearly 10,000-square-foot complex in the German state of Saxony-Anhalt.

Speaking with Bild after undergoing the surgery, Jessica recounted how the beast “kept repeatedly biting my cheek, ear, and head.” The 36-year-old model, who was taken to the hospital with serious bleeding wounds, added that after losing consciousness the next thing she heard was the helicopter that airlifted her.

Local media incorrectly reported that the predator had escaped from the compound and was an imminent threat. However, Burgenland district spokesman Steven Muller-Uhrig later clarified that “the animal never exploded. Currently there is no danger to the population ”. He explained that keeping leopards does not require a permit in Saxony Anhalt and that “it is not legally limited by the state.” However, authorities are reportedly considering revoking Stache’s license for the nursing home for show animals.

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