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Jessica Watkins
Jessica Watkins

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Jessica Watkins reportedly received a “VIP pass” for the rally at which then-President Donald Trump spoke before the siege, her lawyers wrote in a defense petition filed on Saturday.

“Millisecond. Watkins was present, not as an insurgent, but to provide security for the speakers at the rally, to escort lawmakers and others to march to the Capitol as directed by the then president, and to safely escort the protesters outside the Capitol to their vehicles and cars at the end of the protest, ”the document says.

Jessica Watkins Age

Jessica Watkins is 38 years old.

Oath Keepers Leader Indicted in Capitol Riots Claims He Met With Secret Service

A leader of the far-right group Oath Keepers who was charged in connection with the disturbances in the US Capitol Claims she was in Washington DC on January 6 to “provide security” at the pro-Trump rally and met with Secret Service agents, according to court filings.

“On January 5-6, Ms. Watkins was present not as an insurgent, but to provide security for the speakers at the rally, to provide an escort for legislators and others to march to the Capitol as instructed by the then President. , and to safely escort the protesters out of the Capitol to their vehicles and cars at the end of the protest, ”the court document said Saturday. “They gave him a VIP pass to the rally.

She met with Secret Service agents. She was 50 feet from the stage during the rally to provide security for the speakers. At the time the Capitol was breached, she was still at the initial rally site where she had provided security. ”

The United States Secret Service, in response to Watkins’ claims in Saturday’s filing, denied that private citizens were working with the Secret Service to provide security on January 6.

“To carry out her protection functions on January 6, the United States Secret Service enlisted the help of various government partners. Any claim that the Secret Service employed private citizens to perform these functions is false, ”a spokesman for the United States Secret Service said in a statement. to CNN on Sunday.

The Justice Department, which is prosecuting Watkins’ case, has yet to respond to her claims in court.
Watkins is instrumental in one of the most aggressive criminal conspiracy cases to emerge from the insurrection.

The Justice Department indicted her and eight other alleged oaths of various charges related to the riot, including allegations that the group coordinated her trip to the pro-Trump event, discussed training and weapons beforehand, dressed invests. bulletproof and pushed his way through the crowd. heading for her to the Capitol in a military-style formation.

Watkins’ attorney argued in the new filing that she is not alleged to have been violent in the riot and that while she is accused of aiding in the destruction of property, she did not engage in vandalism and encouraged others not to do so. as well. The court appearance is the high-profile defendant’s first substantive defense in court.

Prosecutors previously said that Watkins had waited for Trump’s speech and believed she had received it before joining the site, allegedly leading several others to the Capitol building to fight Congressional certification of the Electoral College vote.

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Watkins’ defense attorney, Michelle Peterson, wrote Saturday that her client and other Trump supporters had believed the then president would invoke the Insurrection Act to use the military to overturn what he falsely said were the fraudulent elections in Joe. Biden. And Watkins and others believed that “they would have a role if this happened,” the presentation says.

“As misguided as they were, her intentions were in no way related to the intention to overthrow the government but to support what she believed to be the legitimate government. She took an oath to support the Constitution and had no intention of violating that oath or committing violent acts. ”

Watkins’ attorney argued in her presentation that her client had used tactical equipment potentially to defend herself against her, and took the steps of the Capitol with other Oath Keepers in a “pile” formation because the group may have wanted to stay together. . the crowd.

The lawyer also noted that Watkins now faces risks in jail, due to the coronavirus and because she is transgender. She has been in custody since her arrest in mid-January. The Justice Department seeks to keep her in jail pending trial.


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