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Joanna Girling
Joanna Girling

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Joanna Girling, 45, of Norfolk, who left her husband for Egyptian toymaker Hassan Kahlied, who was half her age, was devastated when he left her after pocketing £ 1,500 of her money saying: ‘You’re old and fat’.

While she claims her family has “ disowned ” her since then, that hasn’t deterred Joanna from the romance, as she has now found love again with another younger man, 38-year-old Hysm Feygo, in Egypt. and hopes to have a baby with him.

“I hope I’m not too old to get pregnant,” she said, speaking to Fabulous. “I know Hysm will be a brilliant father.”

‘I feel younger now than when I was 20. We have se**x four times a week and even that is not enough. I can’t get enough of Hysm, he’s definitely the one for me. ‘

And although her loved ones still have doubts about Hysm’s intentions, Joanna insists that he is there for the right reasons.

“Hysm has never asked me for a penny,” she said. ‘I know that his feelings are real, he is with me because he loves me.

“Since I returned to Egypt, most of my family has disowned me. They think I’m silly to be with a toymaker, but I don’t care. This is like a second chance at life for me and I have no regrets. ‘

Joanna Girling Age

Joanna Girling is 45 years old.

Joanna Girling & Hassan Kahlied

Joanna first fell in love with 24-year-old waiter Hassan Kahlied while on vacation with her husband John in Sharm-El-Sheikh in June 2018.

She fell in love with the handsome toymaker’s allure and even snuck out of her husband to get a fake marriage certificate so they could sleep together due to Egypt’s strict laws against premarital s**ex.

But after sending Hassan £ 400 to pay for food and bills and flying to Hurghada to be with him, she asked him to leave and then ended their relationship by writing: “You are very old, I married an Egyptian woman. [sic]”.

Speaking of her past relationship, Joanna said: ‘I thought Hassan loved me, he had told me that he wanted to marry me, but it turned out to be a lie. He only used me for my money, I felt like an idiot. I gave up my marriage for him.

“I didn’t know if I could trust someone else again, but Hysm is the love of my life. I know his feelings for me are real, he never asked me for a penny. ‘

Joanna, a Tesco worker, and her husband had been vacationing in Sharm El-Sheikh two or three times a year since 2001 when she began to notice the attention she received from local men.

She says: ‘At first I was happy in my marriage, but as time went on we parted ways and I lost interest in having se**x with him.

“Like many married couples, we were less and less attracted to each other, but we stayed together for convenience.

“We did not sleep together for almost 10 years. We had no children, but we had a house and dogs together.

“ In 2018 I was no longer caring at all, which made me feel unwanted and unattractive, so when local men complimented me in stores and called me beautiful, I was flattered. ”

During the holidays, Joanna began to notice her hotel bartender, Hassan, who flirted with her whenever her husband was not at the table.

She told me that she should spend the day with him and that she would show me the city. He was so flirtatious from the start that she knew she liked him.

“ We were talking and it made me feel se**xy for the first time in years. I started sneaking out in the afternoon to meet him while John lounged by the pool.

I wanted to sleep with him from the first day I met him, but Hassan said we would need a fake marriage certificate first.

“Egypt is strict on premarital s**ex, so we couldn’t rent a room together without one.”

Under the strict laws of Egypt, Joanna and Hassan obtained a fake marriage license online to rent an apartment where they could have se**x, something Joanna says is common practice for single Egyptians.

“It was amazing, he was so young and enthusiastic. It was the best s**ex of my life, amazing after 10 years without physical contact. Then I knew that I had to leave my husband.

“We had gone a decade without any physical contact. It was not a way of life, it was no longer a marriage.

“It was the end of my trip, but Hassan wanted to see me again, so even on the way home he was making plans to come back.”

Back home in Norfolk, Joanna broke up her 20-year marriage and confessed to her husband that she had fallen in love with the young Egyptian waiter.

He was furious, but she suspected something was up. We had no children, but we had seven dogs together. ‘

While waiting for his flight back to Egypt, Hassan spoke to Joanna every day, even calling her at her work at Tesco nights.

“I needed money for things like food and bills,” he says. ‘So I sent him £ 400 to help. I didn’t ask for proof, I trusted that he was telling me the truth. ‘

In August 2018, less than two months after meeting the se**xy bartender, Joanna landed in Hurghada where she was waiting for Hassan.

“I gave him the gifts that he had asked for,” she explains. She also took control of my vacation money of £ 1,100 and said he would handle it.

“At first she surprised me, but he explained that in Egypt it was customary for men to deal with money. He said that he wanted to take care of me, so I gave him all my cash.

Joanna handed over a pair of jeans, shirts, sneakers, aftershave and a bottle of brandy, as well as the £ 1,100 she had saved for the trip.

When renting an apartment, at first Joanna was delighted with life and with her toy, spending her days sunbathing and nights having s**ex.

“We had se**x all the time, we just couldn’t get enough of each other, but after a couple of weeks Hassan kept disappearing for days, saying he needed to visit his family,” she said.

Leaving Joanna for days without cash, she had no choice but to find work as a daycare teacher to make ends meet.

She would try to call him but would get no answer. After separating from my husband I had no savings, the cash he had brought with me was all he had. ”

Suspicious, she asked her neighbors and locals who knew Hassan where she might be.

One said that he thought Hassan had gone home to have an engagement party because he was about to get married.

“She was devastated, but by text, Hassan insisted that it was not true and when he returned after 10 days he denied it.”

Finally, in late August, her toy lover asked Joanna to go home for a few weeks, claiming that the apartment was too expensive and that she needed to save more money since he couldn’t support them on his small salary.

“She was devastated to leave,” she admits. But he was right, I had no money left and he only earned a small salary as a waiter.

“The vacation money had run out, so the plan was to go home, stay with my family and work to save money to come back.”

Trusting a friend to pay for her flight, it wasn’t until Joanna landed at the Hamburg airport on a stopover that she discovered the truth about Hassan.

Texting her mid-flight, she called her fat and old, confessing that she planned to marry an Egyptian woman.

“I just didn’t understand,” she said, “he told me that he loved me, why lie?”

Back home, Joanna was heartbroken but determined to end her marriage and return to Egypt to live a life in the sun.

“I had nothing to keep me in England, I had gotten rid of everything, my clothes, all my things, all I had left was the clothes in my suitcase,” she said.

Joanna saved up for another flight and returned to Hurghada in March 2019 to continue working as a kindergarten teacher.

“I didn’t go out looking for love,” she explains. “I love the country and wanted to go back there.”

Joanna Girling & Hysm Feygo

Joanna never heard from Hassan, who blocked her on social media, but she had only been in Hurghada for three months when she met Hysm Feygo, a shopkeeper who invited her and a friend to see her herb and spice. store.

Pouring them cups of herbal tea, Joanna got along well with the 38-year-old.

“I can’t quite understand what it is, but there is something about it, it makes me feel comfortable and from the moment we met, it was as if we had known each other for a long time.”

Driving her friend back to her hotel, Joanna returned to the store to ask Hysm to order a taxi to her apartment.

She joined me in the taxi and we had s**ex that night. It was amazing, but at first, it was just about s**ex.

Hysm wanted a relationship, but Hassan had already hurt me once so I was worried, but the more I got to know him, the more I trusted him. He didn’t ask me for a penny.

Since he met Hysm, the couple has moved in together under another bogus marriage license.

Working as an English teacher at a daycare, when she is at home, Joanna says the couple is delighted, with Hysm cooking romantic meals for her.

A year ago, Hysm came home with a silver ring for his ring finger.

“He didn’t even propose,” he said. “ I didn’t need to, he already considers me his wife, but we hope to make it official next year once I divorce my husband. ”

Hassan Kahlied said: ‘I’m so sorry about the money. It was because I am poor. I don’t want to talk about anything about my relationship. ‘

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