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Joel Alex Sandate
Joel Alex Sandate

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Joel Alex Sandate, a former Primera, Texas police officer, was sentenced to ten years behind bars after he admitted to installing hidden cameras to record images of a minor. According to court documents, fellow officers caught the defendant after he accidentally left a storage card containing por**nographic material on the floor of his own police department. That seemingly accidental but critical self-self resulted in prison time.

An objectively sparse indictment filed in the Southern District of Texas on April 14, 2021, charged Joel Alex Sandate, 32, with only one count of possession of child pornography. However, court records indicate that he was charged separately with one count of causing the se**xual exploitation of a child. The defendant pleaded guilty to the child po**rnography charge on April 15, the following day.

Joel Alex Sandate Age

Joel Alex Sandate is 32 years old.

Hidden Camera – Sentenced to serve ten years behind bars

Sandate’s plea deal explains the larger factual narrative. He says a colleague from the First Police Department found a “Micro SD card on the floor of the police locker room.” Not knowing what the card contained, the officer reviewed its contents and made a shocking discovery:

The officer used a card reader to view the videos from the ADATA Micro SD card and saw what appeared to be a minor woman in a bedroom in various states of undress. The officer then saw a video of what appeared to be his fellow police officer JOEL ALEX SANDATE looking into the camera lens and adjusting the camera angle after looking back and forth at his phone and the camera lens. . Officer Lopez reported the contents of the ADATA Micro SD card to the Cameron County District Attorney’s Office Special Investigations Unit, who later obtained an arrest warrant for JOEL ALEX SANDATE.

A subsequent search warrant discovered “two Fredi cameras hidden behind [a] dresser” inside the bedroom where the recordings took place. In addition, according to court records, two “identical” cameras appeared inside the defendant’s truck.

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Agents with the Department of Homeland Security found videos dating from September 2019 to March 2020 that “showed a minor (14 years old) in various states of undress” in the nefarious collection of cameras, cell phones, and storage cards of the accused. the agreement also establishes. “The videos met the legal definition of child por**nography pursuant to Title 18 U.S.C. Section 2256 (8) (A) ”, admitted the defendant attaching his signature at the bottom of the document.

A federal district court judge ordered Sandate to serve 120 months behind bars. He was also ordered to pay $ 4,320 in restitution and an additional $ 10,000 special assessment. She will serve 20 years on supervised release after being released from prison. He will also be forced to register as a s**ex offender.

Other possible fines were “waived due to inability to pay,” says the court file. It also says that the victim’s mother addressed the court at the time of sentencing.

The record further indicates that the accused must adhere to a litany of other restrictions once he is released from prison:

While at SRT, Defendant must do so.. participate in a specific treatment program for s**ex crimes and follow the rules and regulations of that program; must not reside, work, access, or loiter within 100 feet of schoolyards, playgrounds, game rooms, or other places used primarily by children under the age of 18, or where children may frequently congregate, unless previously approved by the United States in writing. State Probation Officer; she must not have direct contact with any child she knows or reasonably should know that she is under the age of 18, including her own children, without the permission of the probation officer; You must not date or coexist with anyone who has children under the age of 18, unless approved in writing by the United States Probation Officer in advance; must not have contact with the victim or the victim’s family, including letters, communication devices, audio or visual devices, visits or any contact through a third party, without the prior written consent of the probation officer of the USA; You must not seek or maintain employment, supervise, volunteer or participate in any program and / or activity where minors under the age of 18 congregate, without the prior written approval of the United States Probation Officer; must not possess and / or use computers or other electronic communications or data storage devices or media, without the prior approval of the parole officer; you must advise anyone else using these computers that computers may be subject to search pursuant to this condition; You must submit to periodic polygraph tests at the discretion of the probation officer as a means of ensuring that you meet the requirements of your supervision or treatment program; You must not see or possess any visual representation (as defined in 18 USC § 2256), including any photograph, film, video, image, or computer-generated image or image, whether made or produced by electronic, mechanical, or mechanical means. other, sexually explicit conduct (as defined in 18 USC § 2256).


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