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John Hagins
John Hagins

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Police have charged John Hagins 19-year-old student for allegedly planning an attack on the Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach, Florida.

The Daytona Beach Police Department (DBPD) arrested John Hagins Thursday and charged him with written threats to hurt or kill, terrorism, and attempted first-degree murder after Hagins allegedly planned to “shoot” the Embry-Riddle campus. the day before school winter break, according to a press release Thursday.

John Hagins Age

John Hagins is 19 years old.

Charged – Arrested

Hagins’ fellow students alerted police to the shooting plot after he sent worrying messages, DBPD Police Chief Jakari Young shared at a news conference Thursday. Two Embry-Riddle students went to the university’s campus security department with their concerns. The university then contacted the police about the threat to shoot.

“They were very concerned … about a group Snapchat message they were involved in,” Young said. “They were very concerned about what was being broadcast on this Snapchat group chat.”

Police arrived at the Andros Isles apartments in Daytona Beach, where Hagins lives, after being notified by Embry-Riddle campus security. The DBPD then detained Hagins outside his home, where they seized the backpack he was carrying, which contained boxes of ammunition and a folding pistol, Young said during the news conference.

The police chief alleged that Hagins had planned to leave his apartment that day and head to campus when many final exams were taking place to carry out an attack.

Hagins had allegedly referenced the 1999 Columbine High School massacre in his plans, Young said during the conference. “He Said … he was going to campus to ‘enact a Columbine,'” Young said.

Young credited the two students alerting campus security with preventing a tragedy, saying they “foiled that plan.”

In the DBPD press release, Young stated: “We could have had a tragedy today. Instead, these students reported it to the school and that allowed us to go to work immediately and detain Hagins before he could carry out his plans … We thank you all for seeing something and saying something. ”

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Hagins is currently in custody, Young said during the news conference. He is being held without bail until he appears before a judge.

He added that Hagins has confessed to “making these statements” about planning an attack on the campus. “He may want to claim that it was all a joke and that he didn’t mean it, but we didn’t find anything funny about talking about a mass shooting on campus,” he said. “If he was looking for attention, he has it.”

Embry-Riddle President P. Barry Butler addressed the planned attack in a letter sent to students Thursday. In the letter, Butler thanked the students who alerted campus security and also praised authorities for his “swift action”.

“It was certainly a terrifying event, but our security systems worked and we are all safe,” Butler wrote. “There is no reason to believe that there is an additional threat to the campus community at this time.”


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