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Matthew Stafford
Matthew Stafford

Matthew Stafford Wiki, Biography

John Matthew Stafford is an American football quarterback for the Detroit Lions of the National Football League. He was brought up in Dallas, Texas, where he went to Highland Park High School.

The Detroit Lions have struggled this season, yet Matthew Stafford isn’t worrying a lot about the fate of his training staff or front office.

Stafford has seen this rodeo previously, a couple of times to be definite. His first mentor Jim Schwartz was cleared away after the 2013 season. Jim Caldwell, who had some unassuming achievement, lost his employment after 2017. Presently Matt Patricia’s seat could be warming after a flimsy beginning to a significant 2020 season.

Stafford, in any case, isn’t keen on worrying about the factors he can’t control. Rather, he’s centered around dominating matches and contending on the field, something he told journalists before the end of last week.

Stafford said:

“I just go play. That’s all you can do. You guys talk, speculate and do all that stuff, we go out here and work and try to play. If we were thinking about that, I would probably be gone 5, 6, 7 years ago. I just try to go play, do my best, help this team be as successful as I possibly can. We work a lot in the offseason behind closed doors. We owe it to each other to go out there and play as good as we possibly can, and that’s what we’re working towards.”

Stafford’s own future could be more uncertain, yet it’s unmistakable he needs to proceed to attempt to play the game as opposed to contemplating any changes. Stafford makes an incredible point, as well. In the event that he had fixated on bits of gossip as the Lions quarterback, he would have lost his psyche years back.


He is 32 years old(February 7,1988).


His wife is Kelly Hall and they have four children.

Kelly Stafford and her husband, Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford, welcomed their fourth youngster Friday, Kelly declared by means of Instagram Sunday.

“Our family became complete,” Kelly posted to Instagram on Sunday, with a timestamp of June 26, 2020 on the image.


Matthew Stafford Committed To Lions

This offseason, gossipy tidbits twirled that the Lions needed to proceed onward from Stafford or were searching for some sort of new beginning, yet the thunderings were immediately disproved by the front office and in time end up being bogus. Stafford himself has likewise kept up that he needs to stay with the Lions a ways into his future, something his significant other and family have repeated. In spite of the fact that they put their home available before this offseason, the thinking had nothing to do with Stafford needing out however simply needing a difference in houses.

Stafford’s future in Detroit may be dictated by another front office as expected, yet for the time being, he stays focused in the group and needs to continue doing what he accomplishes for the establishment.

Career Stats

Since quite a while ago viewed as one of the more refined youthful passers in the NFL, Stafford has set up some genuine numbers after being Detroit’s No. 1 pick in 2009. He has set up 42,265 passing yards and 265 scores coming into Week 7 of the NFL season. Despite these numbers, Stafford has not had the option to dominate a season finisher match or a NFC North title hitherto in his vocation. Those remain the dark imprints on the resume now, and those are the things Stafford should change about his resume so as to modify how people see him pushing ahead.

No one inquiries Stafford’s hard working attitude and the exertion he places in. His mentality is likewise to be praised at a time where things could move away from anyone thinking about the battles on the field.


Height: 6 Feet 3.2 Inches

Net Worth

who has a total assets of $60 million.


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