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John McAfee

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John McAfee was born in Cinderford, in the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom, on a United States Army base to an American father, who was stationed there, and a British mother. He grew up in Salem, Virginia, USA McAfee had said that he felt as British as he was American. When McAfee was 15 years old, his father, an abusive alcoholic, shot himself to death.

He received a BA in mathematics in 1967 from Roanoke College, which subsequently awarded him an Sc.D. honorary. degree in 2008.

John David McAfee was a British-American computer programmer and businessman. He founded the McAfee Associates software company in 1987 and ran it until 1994 when he resigned from the company. McAfee Associates achieved early success as the creator of McAfee’s first commercial antivirus software, and the company now produces a range of enterprise security software. Intel bought the company in 2011, although it still carries the McAfee brand. McAfee’s wealth peaked in 2007 at $ 100 million, before his investments plummeted in the financial crisis of 2007-2008.

After leaving McAfee Associates, he founded the companies Tribal Voice (makers of the PowWow chat program), QuorumEx, and Future Tense Central, among others, and has been involved in leadership positions at Everykey, MGT Capital Investments, and Luxcore, among others. His personal and business interests included smartphone apps, cryptocurrencies, yoga, and herbal antibiotics. He resided for several years in Belize but returned to the United States in 2013 while he was searched in Belize for questioning.

McAfee was also a political activist. He unsuccessfully sought the Libertarian Party nomination for president of the United States in 2016 and 2020.

John McAfee Age

John McAfee was 75 years old.

Crime Record

On April 30, 2012, McAfee’s property in Orange Walk Town, Belize, was raided by the Gang Suppression Unit of the Belize Police Department. At the time, McAfee was in bed with a girlfriend. A GSU press release stated that McAfee was arrested for unlicensed drug manufacturing and possession of an unlicensed weapon. He was released without charge. In 2012, Belize Police spokesman Raphael Martinez confirmed that McAfee was not convicted or charged, only a suspect.

In January 2014, McAfee claimed that when the government of Belize raided his property, he seized his assets and that his home later caught fire under suspicious circumstances.

On November 12, 2012, police in Belize launched a search for McAfee as a “person of interest” in connection with the murder of American expatriate Gregory Viant Faull. Faull was found dead from a gunshot wound on November 11, 2012, at his home on the island of Ambergris Caye, the largest island in Belize. Faull was a neighbor of McAfee. In a November 2012 interview with Wired, McAfee said that he had always feared that the police would kill him and therefore rejected routine questions from him; he has since eluded the Belizean authorities. Belize Prime Minister Dean Barrow called McAfee “extremely paranoid, even crazy.” McAfee fled Belize when he was sought out for questioning about the murder.

Vice magazine accidentally revealed McAfee’s location at a Guatemalan resort in early December 2012, when a photo taken by one of its journalists accompanying McAfee was published with the EXIF ​​geolocation metadata still attached. While in Guatemala, McAfee asked Chad Essley, an American cartoonist and animator, to create a blog so McAfee could write about his experience while he was on the run. Then McAfee appeared publicly in Guatemala City, where he tried to seek political asylum.

On December 5, 2012, McAfee was arrested for illegally entering Guatemala. Soon after, he was arrested and a board was formed to review McAfee’s asylum claim. The committee denied him asylum, so he was transferred from his detention center to a detention center to await deportation to Belize.

On December 6, 2012, Reuters and ABC News reported that McAfee suffered two minor heart attacks in a Guatemalan detention center and was hospitalized. McAfee’s attorney stated that his client had not suffered a heart attack, but rather that he had suffered from high blood pressure and anxiety attacks.

McAfee later said that he had faked the heart attacks while in detention in Guatemala, to buy time for his attorney to file a series of appeals that ultimately prevented his deportation to Belize, thus hastening the government’s decision to send him back to the United States. . On December 12, 2012, McAfee was released in Guatemala and deported to the United States.

On August 2, 2015, McAfee was arrested in Henderson County, Tennessee, on charges of one count of driving under the influence and one count of possession of a firearm while intoxicated.

On November 14, 2018, the Circuit Court in Orlando, Florida, refused to dismiss a wrongful death lawsuit against McAfee for Faull’s death.

In January 2019, McAfee announced that he was on the run from U.S. authorities and living internationally on a ship following a Grand Jury summoned to indict him, his wife, and four of his 2020 presidential campaign workers on charges. related to taxes. The IRS has not independently confirmed the existence of these charges.

In July 2019, McAfee and members of his entourage were arrested while their yacht was docked in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic, on suspicion of carrying high-caliber weapons and ammunition. They were held for four days before being released.

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On August 11, 2020, McAfee fabricated a hoax that he was arrested in Norway during the COVID-19 pandemic, after refusing to replace a lacy thong with a more effective face mask. McAfee later posted a photo of himself on Twitter with a black eye, claiming it happened during this arrest. However, the photo of the alleged arrest shows an officer with the German word for “police” on his uniform, so it could not have been an arrest in Norway. Augsburg police later confirmed that McAfee unsuccessfully tried to enter Germany that day, but was not arrested.

On October 5, 2020, McAfee was arrested in Spain at the request of the United States Department of Justice for tax evasion. The indictment alleges that he earned millions of dollars between 2014 and 2018, but did not file income tax returns.

On October 6, 2020, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission filed a complaint alleging that McAfee had fraudulently promoted certain ICOs. According to the SEC, McAfee presented himself as an unbiased investor when he promoted ICOs, even though he was allegedly paid $ 23 million in digital assets in exchange for the promotions.

On March 5, 2021, the United States Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York announced that they had indicted McAfee and an executive advisor for allegedly fraudulently promoting certain cryptocurrencies and conducting pump-and-dump schemes. McAfee was jailed in Spain, pending extradition to the United States.

Cause of Death

On June 23, 2021, the Catalan Department of Justice confirmed earlier news reports that McAfee was found dead and is believed to have committed suicide in his Barcelona prison cell after the Spanish High Court approved his extradition to the States. United for tax evasion.


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