Who is Jonathan George? Wiki, Biography, Age, Trained his dog to bring him his gun, Dog had shot itself, Arrested

Jonathan George
Jonathan George

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Jonathan George, a very drunk Ohio man called 911 to claim his dog had shot himself in the face after telling the stunning operation that he trained his Boxer to bring him his gun, police said.

Jonathan George, 31, quickly retracted the crazy story when pressured by police and admitted to being drunk before being arrested for shooting the 4-year-old dog named Lula, authorities said. The dog survived the bullet to the face but lost an eye.

Jonathan George Age

Jonathan George is 31 years old.

His dog shot itself – Charged

“(He) said his dog shot himself and trained him to carry a gun,” said Norwalk Police Capt. Jim Fulton. The dog had the gun in his mouth when he accidentally shot himself. The officers didn’t believe that story. ‘

Captain Fulton testified that George eventually admitted to accidentally shooting his dog in the jaw.

He was charged with three misdemeanors, including handling a firearm while intoxicated, cruelty to animals, and firing a gun in a township, according to Fox News 8.

Fulton revealed that George was drunk when he spoke to officers, prompting them to assess his blood alcohol content level.

His BAC was 1.7, making it a little more than double the legal limit for driving. He shouldn’t be drinking and handling firearms in the background. ‘

Lula miraculously survived the shooting, yet she lost an eye following emergency surgery after Monday’s shooting, the outlet reports.

In the meantime. The Huron County Humane Society, which oversaw Lula’s medical care, managed to raise more than $ 2,000 for Lula’s surgeries, roughly a large amount below the total cost of the procedure of $ 3,000, his adoptive parents said in the animal shelter to Fox News 8.

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“I’m not sure why someone would be drunk and play with a gun,” Daphne Nelson, a Huron County humanitarian investigator, told the outlet.

‘That just doesn’t make sense to me. I wish Goddard’s Law would apply in this case, but because there was no conscious intention, we can’t go after Goddard’s Law. ‘

Goddard’s Law became law in 2016 after Dick Goddard lobbied state legislators for five years to make animal abuse or neglect a fifth-degree felony, Fox News 8 reported at the time.

Nelson revealed that the bullet fragments still remain in Lula’s head despite the surgery, and will likely need additional procedures in the future.

She added that funds raised that are not used for Lula will go to other critically ill animals and pets at the Humane Society of Huron County.

She definitely is a fighter. She definitely is a very socialized bitch, she seems to love everyone. She loves the attention and if you’re not petting her, she’s worried, ” said Amanda Fearing, manager of the Humane Society of Huron County.


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