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Jordan Prushinski
Jordan Prushinski

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Jordan Prushinski, A 12-year-old girl was attacked by a shark that left her with 42 stitches for 20 cuts on her leg while on vacation in Maryland with her family.

Jordan Prushinski of Plains Township, Pennsylvania, recounted the heartbreaking incident on a beach in Ocean City on Monday in an interview with WBRE-TV.

Jordan Prushinski Age

Jordan Prushinski is 12 years old.

Attack By Shark – 42 stitches for 20 cuts

He was playing in knee-deep water on 119th St. Beach when he suddenly felt a sharp pain and limped to shore to find blood running down his leg.

“I didn’t really realize what was going on until I was on the beach and I was bleeding all over the place,” Jordan said.

“I was swimming and a wave had just crashed and I was right on the edge of the crash zone, I thought a horseshoe crab had got up and hit my shins,” Jordan said of the moment he felt the bite.

“I don’t like sea creatures, so I was quick to look for blood everywhere, with cuts all over my left leg.”

His mother, Melissa Prushinski, said other bathers, including an EMT and a nurse, helped give Jordan first aid.

Her wound was cleaned and bandaged when Jordan’s family took her to Atlantic General Hospital.

The Ocean City Beach Patrol was there to help Jordan as well. Captain Butch Arbin said he hadn’t seen anything like this in 49 years, according to CBS Baltimore.

He also said that sharks have no interest in biting people in general and that it is not dangerous for humans to swim in water with the present.

Bradley said: ‘It’s more likely in the summer than other parts of the year because there are more people going to the beach, more people in the water; It increases the chance that someone could interact with a shark, but it is still relatively uncommon here in Maryland. ‘

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Jordan’s father, Robert Prushinski, said: ‘The lifeguards and everyone else who was helping was fantastic. When I got there, I picked her up, put her on a quad bike, and took her out of there. ‘

The city of Ocean City says officials are consulting experts and are not ruling out marine life.

Ms. Prushinksi said: ‘We still don’t know what kind of shark it was. The ER doctor confirmed that it was a shark bite because no other animal does this type of bite. ”

Marie Levine, executive director of the Shark Research Institute, believes that a blacktip shark may have bitten Jordan when she was in the ocean.

Shark attacks are not common in Maryland waters and it is the only coastal state with zero unprovoked shark attacks, according to the Ocean City Beach Patrol.

On record, there was only one shark bite that occurred in Maryland waters after a man named Matthew Vickers was bitten while fishing for sharks in 2014.

This event was the only one recorded by the Florida Museum of Natural History for the state of Maryland.


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