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Joseph Flavill
Joseph Flavill

Joseph Flavill Wiki – Joseph Flavill Biography

Joseph Flavill is a British teenager who woke up from a 10-month coma and is unaware of the coronavirus pandemic. However, he was unable to escape completely as he was infected twice.

Flavill was a senior in high school with a passion for sports and music and was scheduled to receive a Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award, an award for youth achievement, in May 2020.

He was in a serious car accident that left him with a traumatic brain injury on March 1 of last year. The Flavill crash came three weeks before the UK went into lockdown.

His aunt Sally Flavill Smith told BBC News it was something “we had been looking forward to every day during the confinement.”

Joseph Flavill Age

Joseph Flavill is at the age of 19-years old.

Joseph Flavill Car Accident

Flavill, a cricket and hockey fan, was preparing to visit Buckingham Palace in May to collect the Duke of Edinburgh award for youth achievement. But a collision with a car left him with a traumatic brain injury to the back of the head and he was rushed to a hospital in Leicester, central England.

Joseph Flavill recently woke up from a 10-month coma unaware of the devastating pandemic while battling a severe traumatic brain injury. Flavill, 19, was hit by a car on March 1, 2020, three weeks before the first lockdown and has remained in hospital ever since.

He finally woke up earlier this week and began responding to simple commands and prompts, the family said. According to a Facebook page documenting his recovery, he is slowly beginning to emerge from the coma into a “minimally conscious state.”

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Flavill caught Covid-19 while in a coma, which has prevented him from receiving a vaccine, but he will soon be eligible for an injection, says his aunt.

His family has also talked about how to talk to him about the news of the last 10 months, once he is fully able to understand it.

“Personal feelings will guide us: Did you know we weren’t there?” she said. “That is something very important that his mother must handle emotionally, see it through a screen. You want to hold her hand, you want to be there all the time. ”
Flavill will be one of the few adults in the Western world to learn about the pandemic secondhand. But you will also learn how far his family and friends went in their search for him to communicate with him again.

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They have raised almost £ 33,000 ($ 45,000) to help with the costs associated with caring for him once he leaves the hospital, many of which are still unknown. “No one knows what the long-term impact will be, but we do know that the journey could be long and expensive,” they wrote on his website.


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