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Joshua Hughes
Joshua Hughes

Joshua Hughes Wiki – Joshua Hughes Biography

Joshua Hughes is the Montana man reportedly seen in a crowd in a viral video being carried by a police officer from an open door to the Senate chambers during the Capitol Hill riots.

Joshua Hughes Age

Joshua Hughes’ age is not yet clear.

Viral video

Joshua and Jerod Hughes are charged with committing nine crimes each on January 6, ranging from entering a restricted building without authorization to destroying property, according to a criminal complaint filed Thursday afternoon in US District Court. For the District of Columbia.

“While on the Senate floor, Joshua Calvin Hughes, Jerod Wade Hughes and other rioters sat in senators ‘chairs, opened senators’ desks, and went through sensitive material stored there,” the complaint adds.

The complaint alleges that the Hughes were identified after a review of surveillance footage and social media and were among a “group of rioters who broke doors and windows and forced entry into the United States Capitol building.”

“Once inside the Capitol, Jerod Wade Hughes, both alone and with another riot, kicked in a door until the lock was broken so other rioters could enter the United States Capitol.”

Later, the Hughes allegedly made their way to the Senate chamber following their evacuation, according to the complaint.


Prosecutors say both Hughes, who “believed they were wanted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation,” entered the Helena Police Department on January 11 to report their presence in the nation’s capital after seeing each other on news coverage. from the violent protests.

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When an FBI special agent showed up there to interview both men, “they said they wanted to turn themselves in and they wanted to have an attorney present before answering questions,” the complaint says. The Hughes were then allowed to leave after providing their contact information.



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