Who is Jovan Paris Trevino? Wiki, Biography, Age, Killed Her 2 Children, Charged, Arrested, Investigation

Jovan Paris Trevino
Jovan Paris Trevino

Jovan Paris Trevino Wiki – Jovan Paris Trevino Biography

Jovan Paris Trevino a Nevada mother and a full-time employee of the Department of Family Services was arrested this week and charged in connection with the deaths of her two young children who were found dead in her suburban Las Vegas home.

Jovan Paris was taken into custody by Bullhead City police Tuesday night at Western Arizona Regional Medical Center after she allegedly confessed to hospital staff that she had disturbed murdered her children.

Jovan Paris Trevino Age

Jovan Paris Trevino is 33 years old.

Killed Her 2 Children in Bathtub – Charges & Arrested

Police were first called to Treviño’s home by the children’s father, Christopher Fox, who reported a medical emergency Monday night. Treviño had filed a temporary protective order against Fox, but he told officers that he went to the home because “things didn’t seem to be right.” Upon arrival, first responders found that each of the two young children, Gihanna Fox, 1, and Christopher Fox III, 4, had drowned in separate bathtubs in the home and were pronounced dead at the scene. A suicide note written by Treviño was also found in the home, according to the report.

A copy of Treviño’s arrest warrant obtained by the Review-Journal says that at the same time Treviño entered the Arizona hospital, Henderson police found a “large kitchen knife and a towel that had a red substance that appeared to be blood “in the master bedroom. from his house. Gihanna’s body was on the floor of the room with “medical paraphernalia” around her body. The body of her older brother was found in an attic. The body was also surrounded by medical paraphernalia.

Bullhead City Police Department officers arrived at the hospital shortly after Treviño and questioned her about what had happened to her children.

According to the Review-Journal, Treviño said he drank a lot of alcohol and took over-the-counter medications, then filled a bathtub with water and told his oldest son to come inside.

“Jovan tricked Christopher into playing face down in the bathtub by giving him a pair of glasses and using them to see better underwater,” the police report says.

Treviño allegedly told police that he placed a leg on the boy’s back and a hand on his head and held him underwater while he slowly drowned.

“Jovan knew Christopher was dead and informed him that the process took approximately three to four minutes,” the report says.

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He then allegedly performed the same horrible act on Gihanna, using the bathtub in the master bedroom.

“Then Jovan grabbed Gihanna by the back of her head and forced her to submerge her,” the police report says, noting that it “didn’t take as long to drown Gihanna as it did to drown Christopher.”

The report says that after the infanticide, Treviño tried unsuccessfully to die by suicide, although no details were provided.

A report from Nevada-based CBS affiliate KLAS revealed that Treviño has been a full-time family services assistant at Henderson’s Department of Family Services since 2019. According to the outlet, the department “helps families and has as aim to protect children from neglect and abuse. ”

The family has created a GoFundMe to help with funeral and burial arrangements for the two children.

“Our kids had a lot of life ahead of them and we wanted to see them thrive in whatever they wanted to do in life,” says GoFundMe. “We will really miss you, as our hearts are hurting right now.”

Treviño waived extradition Wednesday during a brief hearing in Arizona and she will be transported back to Nevada in the next few days, where she will be tried on murder charges.



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