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Juan Santos Huerta
Juan Santos Huerta

Juan Santos Huerta Wiki – Juan Santos Huerta Biography

Juan Santos Huerta of Elmendorf, Texas, has been arrested on charges related to the death of his 74-year-old mother, María Huerta, in what authorities describe as “the worst case of neglect of an elderly person they have ever seen. . ”

Juan Santos Huerta Age

Juan Huerta is 50 years old.

Killed His Mother – Charged

María Huerta was found dead in her home on Saturday, KSAT reported. Juan Huerta, 50, has been in charge of her care since 2013 and reportedly received checks from a home health care company as compensation for the role. However, authorities said he was rarely home, as he also worked full time as a truck driver, leaving María Huerta bedridden in “deplorable” conditions until her death.

Bexar County Sheriff Javier Salazar spoke in more detail about the case in a clip shared online.

“From the looks of it, Ms. Huerta had been bedridden for some time and had been neglected to the point where some of her injuries are … too graphic to even attempt to describe to you,” Sheriff Salazar said.

María Huerta was reportedly covered with pressure sores, some of which were so severe that she “actually had exposed bones.” Sheriff Salazar added: “She had several spots on her body that were infested with worms.”

Her son had been paid “more than 40 to 50 hours a week” to be her caretaker, but he reportedly spent that time “on the road as a truck driver.”

“She left the house at five, six in the morning and didn’t come home until five or six in the afternoon,” Salazar said.

“I can’t even imagine the pain and torture this old woman went through and when you consider that she was at the hands of her son, she is so much more heartbreaking,” he said.

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Elder abuse is widespread but often overlooked: According to the National Council on Aging (NCO), about one in 10 Americans age 60 and older has experienced some form of elder abuse. However, estimates suggest that only one in 24 cases is reported.

Additionally, in nearly 60 percent of elder abuse cases, the perpetrator is someone in the victim’s family and often a spouse or adult child.

According to KSAT, Juan Huerta told authorities that he had spent more than a year since he last helped his mother bathe because she “had no energy.” He was reportedly aware of the extent of his injuries, including infestations, for six to 12 months.

“God put them there,” Juan Huerta reportedly said about the worms, according to the media outlet.

“He said he did the best he could for his mother. I disagree,” Sheriff Salazar said in the news release. “His body of hers literally rotted under her.”

Currently, Juan Huerta faces charges of injury to the elderly with bodily injury by omission, a third-degree felony. As of Friday, the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office told Newsweek that there are currently “no new updates on the case.”


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