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Justin Danton
Justin Danton

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Justin Danton An expatriate British actor who was to become a father for the first time has been killed in a hit-and-run in Colombia. Justin Danton was crossing the street when he was hit by a speeding car on August 9.

The tragic Justin, who died last Monday, was to become a father in November. He and his grieving partner Mary Cruz Avendano had already chosen Ethan’s name for his unborn child.

Justin Danton Age

Justin Danton was 37 years old.

Struck by a Car – Died

Justin Danton, 37, was crossing the street in Colombia when he was hit by a speeding car on August 9. The driver of the vehicle accelerated to full speed, leaving Justin sprawled in the street as passersby raced alongside him.

The expatriate actor was taken to a nearby hospital in Medellín with head injuries, but tragically he was unable to save himself.

The 37-year-old was to become a father for the first time in November, leaving his family heartbroken. His death is now considered murder after police found the car and set out to question the suspect.

Justin, a native of Margate, Kent, was spending 11 months in the South American country after moving in May to continue his acting career.

He had previously starred in a movie called The Legend of the Mad Ax Man and also had roles in short films such as Beacon, Ready or Not, and Resentment.

Justin’s grieving parents, Gemma, 56, and Lee, 53, have created a GoFundMe to support their unborn grandson and paid tribute to “our beloved son.”

Justin and his partner, Mary Cruz Avendano, had already decided on Ethan’s name for his new arrival.

The devastated expectant mother thanked her in-laws for her efforts and said, “I have no words to thank you for what you are doing for us.”

Then Gemma told him poignantly, “We are all with you, my dear heart. You are not alone. Help is on the way.”

The 56-year-old added: “We would like you to know that investigators finally found the car and the person who committed this terrible crime.”

“Soon our son will be at peace and we can begin the healing journey.

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Funds For Justin’s son Ethan and Ethan’s mama Mary Cruz

“The beautiful gift that you have all given together is rapidly approaching its goal and this week we are able to send the funds to Justin’s son Ethan and Ethan’s mother Mary Cruz, whom we love very much.

“Both are fine and the baby is very strong with ‘super powers’ according to his doctors.

“The funds will be used for housing, furniture, day-to-day living expenses, all the baby’s needs since the mother is ordered to rest and take the time to take care of her childhood growing up within her.

“Ethan is strong. This news makes my heart sing and I know it will make yours sing too. God bless you all, from my family to yours, you have made all the difference in the world.”

The fundraiser has been inundated with condolences and has already reached £ 4,400 of its £ 6,000 target.


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