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Justin Rutherford
Justin Rutherford

Justin Rutherford Wiki – Justin Rutherford Biography

32-year-old Justin Rutherford had allegedly recorded thousands of videos and images on the camera, including images of people using the shower and toilet, according to investigators.

A Pennsylvania doctor is in custody and faces multiple felony charges, including sexual assault of a minor after a hidden camera was allegedly discovered in his bathroom.

Justin Rutherford Age

Justin Rutherford is 32 years old.

Hidden Camera Videos – Arrested

Berks County District Attorney John Adams told local station 69News WFMZ-TV that a teenager found the camera in the upstairs bathroom of Rutherford’s home in Amity Township.

“Our forensic lab then performed an examination of this camera, where we found approximately 3,000 videos and 1,400 images dating back to 2018,” Adams said.

The camera was connected to Rutherford’s phone and other devices, according to WFMZ, citing court documents.

A detailed report in the Reading Eagle revealed that the boy who discovered the camera was initially unsure of what he had found.

Investigators said the investigation began July 17 after a 13-year-old boy and his mother went to Amity Township police with the camera the boy discovered while showering at Rutherford’s home. Amity police seized the device and contacted county detectives for further investigation.

The boy, who was interviewed in the presence of his mother, said he was at a friend’s house, using the second-floor bathroom when he noticed a black cube plugged into a wall outlet. He saw a faint blue light illuminated on the corner of the cube.

The boy thought it was a camera and called his mother. He described what he found and sent her photographs of the cube. She conducted some research and concluded the box was likely a camera and told her son to take the device.

The boy, who was apprehensive, shared his concerns with a male friend who was at the residence. The friend went to the bathroom and removed the cube from the outlet.

The pair immediately left the residence with the device.

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The Eagle also reported that Rutherford initially denied knowledge of a bathroom camera.

It was not immediately clear why the children were at Rutherford’s home. The Berks County district attorney’s office did not respond to Law & Crime’s request for additional information or comment at the time of publication.

Adams told WFMZ that the Rutherford investigation led to other serious charges, including sexual assault.

“One of the young men revealed to us during an interview that at one point they gave him alcohol and marijuana, and at that point, he was sexually assaulted,” Adams said.

Another boy, now 16, said Rutherford started abusing him when he was 11 years old.

Pennsylvania court records show Rutherford faces at least 45 criminal charges, including rape of a child, rape of an unconscious victim, child pornography, and invasion of privacy.

Adams said the charges against Rutherford are not related to his medical practice.

“The allegations that have led to these charges have nothing to do with his work as a doctor,” Adams told WFMZ. “All the incidents in question were related to his private residence.”

Rutherford was arrested at Washington Dulles International Airport on Saturday. He was returning from a trip to the UK, according to the Reading Eagle story. Rutherford went to the UK after investigators raided his home in early August and seized several electronic devices, Eagle reported.


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