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Kanon Aronson
Kanon Aronson

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Kanon Aronson, apart from the short snippet posted by Megan Aronson on her Twitter. Megan is a writer and activist, who is also the founder of an organization called Rise Again. On her blog, she mentioned that she is a change maker, spokesperson, and writer. “She is one of ten people in the US who serves on the Council of Advocates for Survivor Recovery (OpioidRecovery.org), a bipartisan 501 (c) 4 non-profit organization created by Newt Gingrich, former Congressman Patrick Kennedy and civil rights activist Van Jones to combat the current drug overdose epidemic. ”

Megan has worked in public relations, marketing, advertising, and sales, promoting local businesses through ad campaigns, press releases, and social media. The Aronsons initially lived in Sedona, Arizona, and moved to East Tennessee in 2019. She battled a rare seizure disorder for two years while working on her memoir “47 Chances.” She is currently seizure-free and has made a full recovery. Her Instagram features photos of her hiking, biking, along with lots of motivational quotes.

Kanon Aronson Age

Kanon Aronson is 11 years old.

Bullied at School Flooded with B’day Wishes

Megan posted a tweet to her 20.6K followers urging them to retweet and wish her son on his 11th birthday, while explaining how the pandemic has not been easy on the boy and about him being bullied at school. She wrote: “Today is my son’s 11th birthday. He has had a VERY difficult year in this pandemic. We had to move 2X and he was bullied at both new schools. He is sweet and sensitive and does not understand why children are so bad. Could you wish him a happy birthday today? His name from him is Kanon! RT! #Kanonsbday. ”

As the popular saying goes “you are as happy as your saddest child,” which couldn’t be more true for Megan Aronson, author and advocate for mental health. The Arizona mother took to Twitter to write a heartfelt post about her 11-year-old son Kanon Aronson.

“Like many moms this year, it has been one of the toughest battles of my life watching my children fight the pandemic. You have all made us feel seen and heard, loved and supported today. I’m sitting here crying reading your wishes for your birthday. to Kanon. Woof. THANK YOU SO MUCH, ”she added.

Twitter users were excited to read Megan’s heartwarming message and came together to make Kanon’s 11th birthday extremely special and memorable, filling it with beautiful birthday messages and wishes. So many people came out to wish Kanon that he soon became trending on Twitter, with over 18.4K tweets about the birthday boy!

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Several Twitter users began to reflect on their own bullying experiences and urged the birthday boy to stay strong, while others offered his love and support. One user tweeted: “Happy birthday Kanon! I went to two elementary schools and worse yet, I was delayed a year and I had to watch my former classmates advance without me. They harassed me all the time. Billy the cat was my hero. He gave me hope that a normal child has the potential to be extraordinary. ”

Another user wrote: “Hi Kanon. Happy Birthday. You look cool to me and I’m a good judge of being cool. Have a nice day. You are going to have a great year. I can feel it.”

Another user shared: “Happy birthday Kanon! I’m sorry it’s been a difficult year, it’s a bummer. I’m sorry the kids were bad. Many times, people are mean to others because they feel bad about themselves, which is why they humiliated others to try to get up. It’s not right and it’s not fair …

Actress Kristen Johnston also took to her Twitter to wish her a birthday. She posted, “I was bullied too. In fact, the most amazing, talented, and kind adults I know were bullied as children. Anyway, tell Kanon Happy Birthday! #Kanonsbday. “” Happiest birthday, little champion! It’s a really cool shirt you have there. I hope you’re having a great time and have your favorite food and snacks today. I usually want chocolate cake on my birthday. , “I wanted a user.



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