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Kassceen Weaver
Kassceen Weaver

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Kassceen Weaver, the father of a boy whose remains were found hidden in a freezer, was arrested in connection with the boy’s death just months after he was freed on charges of conspiracy to conceal a body.

A judge in Chesterfield, Virginia, denied bail Monday for Kassceen Weaver, 49, who on Friday was charged with felony murder, aggravated the intentional injury, gross child abuse, and neglect in the death of his son Eliel Adon. . Weaver, reported WRIC, an affiliate of Richmond ABC. Police have not released the boy’s exact age but said he was under the age of five at the time of his death.

Kassceen Weaver Age

Kassceen Weaver is 49 years old.

Charges – Arrested

About a month after police found Eliel’s body in a freezer in their garage in May, Weaver and his wife, Dina D. Weaver, 48, were arrested and charged with conspiracy to hide a body and not help a child. Kassceen was also charged with maliciously injuring a woman and domestic assault and battery in connection with Dina, who according to authorities “was manipulated by her husband and suffered years of abuse” at his hands. Both were later released after posting bail.

Appearing for his preliminary hearing in Chesterfield Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court on Friday, Kassceen’s attorney allegedly argued that there was insufficient evidence to prosecute his client on the initial charges, claiming there was no evidence of malicious intent. or that he was personally responsible for hiding the child’s body. The judge ruled in her favor, dismissing the charges of intentional injury and conspiracy to cover up.

Prosecutors in the Chesterfield Commonwealth Prosecutor’s Office also dropped the rest of the initial charges and instead charged Kassceen with the new series of charges.

As previously reported by Law & Crime, court records show that the investigation into the Weavers began when Dina’s brother called the police and reported “concerns” he had with his sister in “a situation of domestic violence.” Dina’s brother also reportedly told police that Dina had told him about her “deceased son” and mentioned in May that the boy had died about two years ago. Based on that information, investigators were able to obtain a search warrant for the home.

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According to WRIC, prosecutors on Friday provided new details about what investigators found when they searched Weaver’s home.

“The authorities recalled having searched several freezers in the garage of the Weavers’ house. There they found a box in the bottom of one of the freezers that they believed to be human remains, “says the report. “The police who testified in court said that the child’s remains were tied with string, wrapped in adult clothing and a sheet, and then placed in a bag. The bag was placed inside a sealed plastic container. ”

Investigators also reportedly said they implicated the Medical Examiner’s Office because “the smell inside the container was indicative of human remains.”

In an email to Law & Crime, Karen Leonard, the records manager for the Chesterfield County Police Department, said the department could not release any documents associated with the latest charges against Kassceen because it could “interfere with the investigation and the prosecution “of the case.


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