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Kate Bishop
Kate Bishop

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Kate Bishop, who was elected to the board last year, apologized for the controversial tweets dating back to 2011.

The Chula Vista Elementary School District board chairperson resigned Wednesday night, September 15, apologizing for her “careless and inappropriate” tweets that outraged parents in the district.

In an interview with Fox News this week, Kate Bishop, who was elected to the board last year, apologized for tweets dating back to 2011 that appeared to be joking about her own se**xuality, her 3-year-old son beating girls in the park, as well as several tweets mocking former President Donald J. Trump.

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Kate Bishop’s age is unknown.

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Bishop acknowledged that community members were “legitimately upset” by his earlier post on social media. “I was an aspiring comedian at the time, raising my young children and only participating politically to vote and make spontaneous comments as a member of the public,” Bishop said opening the meeting on Wednesday. “Now, as a parent of school-age children and involved in educational policy, I see this as a good time for teaching, that things that are posted on the Internet lasts forever. These tweets were meant to be funny, but they weren’t. They were hurtful and I am so sorry. ”

In 2012, Bishop demanded that someone bring him an 18-year-old boy while he joked that he had reached his se**xual peak. “I’m pretty sure I reached my se**xual peak today. Someone bring me an 18-year-old, STAT!” Bishop tweeted at the time, adding the hashtag “#hormones”. Parents mentioned another tweet he posted in 2011, in which he said that he was “going to the park to see what hot 3-year-olds my son can pick up with,” this time adding the hashtag “#ValentinesDay.”

In a 2012 tweet, Bishop wrote that he wanted to “hate (former House Speaker) Paul Ryan, while he’s screwed with my absentee ballot where I voted for Obama.” On the same day, he also tweeted: “I couldn’t take it anymore. I had to fart in the nearest Prius.” The following year, Bishop tweeted about having a bad purchase on his credit card statement.

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Then, on Election Day 2016, Bishop lashed out at Trump. “Dear Rust Belt, he lied to him. Your fabrication jobs will NEVER come back. You screwed us up. No love, Kate,” he wrote. In another tweet, he added: “Hey, ‘burn everything because we hate the DNC liberals’! How are you doing? #IDontLikeHilarySoYayFacism # Elections2016”. The tweets, which have since been made private, resurfaced last week and were shared on a Facebook post by a parent in an email to the interim district superintendent.

Speaking to Fox 5, Armando Farias, a former board member and father of the district, said that he would join several others in calling for Bishop’s resignation as chairman of the district board. “Even though they happened years ago, this highlights the character of the individual,” Farias said.

He explained that parents were frustrated in August with the appointment of a new board member. “The community feels that the process was not transparent or ethical than,” he said. “Suddenly, I was brought to my attention a few days ago by those tweets and it is very disturbing.”

Bishop said Wednesday night that he intended to continue serving on the board after leaving the presidency. The district announced in a tweet that his resignation was effective at the end of the meeting. “It is my sincere hope that, by doing so, we can seriously re-focus on our children and their safety and education during this ongoing pandemic,” Bishop said. “I promise to continue my outspoken advocacy for fairness, transparency, and communication within our school community. And, as always, I’m here to listen to anyone who wants to share their concerns tonight, ”he added.


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