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Katie Rietkovich Browder
Katie Rietkovich Browder

Katie Rietkovich Browder Wiki – Katie Rietkovich Browder Biography

Katie Rietkovich Browder, several members of the Ole Miss softball coaching staff are under a Title IX investigation due to complaints filed against an assistant coach accusing her of se**xual misconduct with a player.

Assistant coach Katie Rietkovich Browder was allegedly romantically involved with a senior student-athlete on the team, who was dating another senior teammate at the time, according to Running Poles.

Katie Rietkovich Browder Age

Katie Rietkovich’s age is unclear.

Affair with a senior student-athlete & Complaints

The alleged inappropriate relationship was discovered in July when the girlfriend found a text message sent by Browder that pointed to a relationship between her partner and her assistant coach.

She then printed screenshots of the text exchange and pasted them on the coach’s computer in her office.

Head coach Jamie Trachsel reportedly got involved. The coaches reportedly convinced the students to keep quiet by offering them ‘scholarship money.

The two softball players involved announced their decisions to return to Ole Miss for their super senior year in early July.

Browder married his girlfriend C.J. in December 2019 shortly before joining Ole Miss’s coaching staff.

Browder and Trachsel previously worked together on the coaching staff at the University of Minnesota. Browder left first, joining the Ole Miss team, the Rebels in 2020 as an assistant coach and Trachsel joined as a head coach this year.

Thirteen people connected to the Ole Miss softball program have confirmed to Running Poles that a Title IX investigation has been launched.

The formal complaints were sent on May 10 to the offices of Ole Miss Equal Opportunity and Regulation, Southeastern Conference Compliance, and NCAA Academic and Membership Affairs, according to the outlet.

A letter sent to Athletic Director Keith Carter on July 29, which was obtained by Running Poles, accuses head coach Jamie Trachsel of “covering up a se**xual misconduct scandal involving two super seniors and an assistant coach.”

The complaints allege that Trachsel “created and adopted a mentally toxic culture.”

This is not the first time the head coach has heard this accusation. Along with her decade-long career as a softball coach, Trachsel reportedly has a history of abusive behavior.

The 13 people who confirmed the Title IX investigation said the coaching staff tried to influence their votes during the 2020 presidential election.

Ratkovich reportedly told the women in a Zoom call: ‘If my wife or other people in my family voted for Trump, then all they would do is hurt me.’

Player McKenzie Barbara’s mother claims she had to inform Executive Associate Athletic Director Shannon Singletary of Trachsel’s threats to take away her daughter’s scholarship when she was invited to train with the Italian team for the Tokyo Olympics.

“When Mac was invited to coach and play for the Italian national team, he went straight to Trachsel,” said mother Corrie Barbara. Rather than congratulate her or get excited about her, she told him that if she left, she would leave the team and lose her scholarship.’

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She “she also told him that it was disrespectful for me to consider him and that he was disappointing his team and coaches.”

The family threatened to file a complaint with the NCAA, but the issues were resolved.

A former student-athlete from Minnesota who played for Trachsel in 2019 spoke to Running Poles on the condition of anonymity.

“Honestly, it was despite her that we made it to the Women’s College World Series that year,” he said. “The most heartbreaking part of all this was that we would win and win and win, then we sighed and wondered what was going to happen to our coach because no one was going to listen to us if we kept winning.”

The former softball player said she and her teammates complained to athletic director Mark Coyle five to ten times about the mental abuse they were experiencing while playing for Trachsel.

Half of the Minnesota team was seeing a sports psychologist at some point, according to the player, but her abuse “really went unnoticed” because she wasn’t directly breaking a rule.

When I went and talked to Coyle, he seemed concerned, but the most important thing he said was, ‘I can’t find this in the rule book,’ she continued. ‘He said that he needed to find something and prove something that was in the rule book for him to do something about it, so he really went unnoticed. I’m sure he didn’t want to fire a winning coach and someone who wasn’t technically breaking the rules. ‘

When the school learned that half the team was seeking therapy, the university appointed someone from compliance to oversee the practices that upset the head coach, the student said.

“ She expected us to follow her rules, but it was our fault that she had to face the consequences for breaking the rules. It was really scary. ‘

Trachsel appears to have continued to foster unsafe environments for her players for several years, based on complaint letters and anecdotes from her players, but these issues have never been formally investigated until now.

Ole Miss University has yet to respond to the allegations.


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