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Kayla Dawson
Kayla Dawson

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Kayla Dawson, a teenage mother who was the sixth person to be charged in the death of a 16-year-old boy, took a sip of take-out coffee and told reporters she “ had no idea what happened ” days before being arrested.

Kayla Dawson was arrested at an address in Doonside in western Sydney around 3 pm on Sunday and charged with murder.

Kayla Dawson Age

Kayla Dawson is 19 years old.

The teenager is accused of luring the victim to his home in Perigee Close in Doonside, where he was allegedly attacked by four boys between the ages of 13 and 15, along with a 15-year-old girl.

The disturbing video of the 48-hour brutal beating was distributed on social media apps and recommended to friends of the victim on their “for you” pages in the days following the incident.

In the shocking images, he was forced to repeat the phrase ‘f ** k the ’21, an apparent reference to the zip code was in the community.

‘District 21’ is a gang group also known as the ‘Brotherhood of the Innerwest’ linked to various zip codes, including Guildford, Merrylands, and Blacktown.

They also reportedly made the boy apologize for the ’27’ zip code, which comprises the suburbs of Mt Druitt and Doonside.

Police are investigating whether the boy’s death was related to increased zip code violence in the community.

Wearing a Lonsdale sweater and black cap, Dawson agreed to be interviewed by 7News at the scene the day after the boy was found and rushed to the hospital.

“I can’t go home because it’s still under investigation,” he said as he took a sip of coffee and rolled his eyes.

“It was like a beating … I don’t know what’s over.”

The 16-year-old victim endured two days trapped inside the house with at least six suspected criminals, although in social media posts Dawson denied putting his finger on her.

“It was not me who killed him … I did not trick him into dying,” reads a message on Dawson’s Facebook account.

She later allegedly told her former friends that she would ‘turn herself into the police when called for questioning about the boy’s death.

In the audio heard by Daily Mail Australia, Dawson was concerned about ‘losing everyone’ to the alleged incident.

Dawson appeared in Blacktown court on Monday charged with murder, taking or detaining in company with intent, actual bodily harm and intentionally causing serious bodily harm.

He did not request bail and was formally denied.

The victim was allegedly attacked after a pair of fake Airpods went missing last month.

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Sydney rapper Big Kash criticized the toxic culture that promoted and glorified violence among young fans.

‘This is the life that all the silly rappers glorify these little ones without telling them the consequences of this life … condolences to the family, nothing but pain and misery on that side of the fence,’ he said in a tribute post. . .

Youth outreach group Junction Works confirmed that Sydney’s brutal ‘zip code violence’ was now spreading across the city’s sprawling suburbs.

Starting in the Wild West suburbs, vicious tribal gang identities based on where teens live are popping up all over the city.

“It is throughout western Sydney where this is happening,” said a spokesperson.

‘It is an ongoing problem. It’s mostly in the Guildford and Blacktown areas, but recently there have also been issues with gang violence among youth in different zip codes within the Canterbury-Bankstown area as well. ‘

At around 5.40 pm on Wednesday, August 4, emergency services were called to the Doonside home, where they found the victim unconscious with head and chest injuries.

He was rushed to Westmead Hospital, where he spent three days in a coma before dying on Saturday, August 7.

The outrage in the local community is palpable, with more than 13,000 residents demanding that the teens involved be “locked up for life.”

Others wonder why their families allowed them to stay two nights, especially during the Covid lockdown in Sydney.



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