Who is Kayla Smith? Wiki, Biography, Age, Rescued three men caught in a rip current on the Jersey Shore

Kayla Smith
Kayla Smith

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Kayla Smith A 16-year-old surfer who rescued three men caught in a rip current off the Jersey shore last week was honored by Governor Phil Murphy on Tuesday.

“A big shout out to Kayla Smith of Point Pleasant, whose heroic efforts saved the lives of three men caught in a rip current off the coast at Bay Head last week,” the Democrat tweeted Monday.

Kayla Smith Age

Kayla Smith is 16 years old.

Rescued three men caught in a rip current on the Jersey Shore

“With her board, Kayla dived into the ocean and carried the three men safely to shore.”

Smith was wrapping up his wave session on Sept. 26 when he saw the men wrestling, according to News 12 Brooklyn.

“Two women ran up to me,” Smith told the outlet last Tuesday. “They asked me if I could go find her husband. I grabbed my board. I ran right there. ”

The teenager jumped into the ocean and caught up with the men before dragging them to safety, despite conditions she called “extremely dangerous.”

“I couldn’t even think, it was like keep rowing, trying as hard as you can,” Smith said.

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“I was more concerned about them than myself because I could tell they were drinking ocean water and everything; They couldn’t catch their breath and I was like, I’m going to balance the board for you guys, I’m just going to kick to help me get in because there was no way I could have dragged you in.

“No one could touch up there. It was probably a 10-foot drop maybe. ”

Smith, who has been surfing for five years, said she was only able to come to the rescue because her mother was late to pick her up from the beach.

The heroic rescue was such a whirlwind that Smith did not even know the names of the men he saved.


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