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Keishla Marlen Rodríguez
Keishla Marlen Rodríguez

Keishla Marlen Rodríguez Wiki – Keishla Marlen Rodríguez Biography

Keishla Marlen Rodríguez is Puerto Rican and the lover of boxer Félix Verdejo, a lightweight contender who represented Puerto Rico at the 2012 Olympics. She was found dead in a lagoon on Sunday, May 2 after being reported missing. She was pregnant with Verdejo’s baby and investigators have named him “a person of interest.”

Keishla Marlen Rodríguez Age

Keishla Marlen Rodríguez was 27 years old.


Keishla Ortiz’s family told the Primera Now news outlet that Verdejo and Ortiz had a relationship for 11 years. Keishla’s mother told Primera Hora: “He (Félix Verdejo) threatened her. He told her to “not have the baby and to have an abortion.”

Ortiz’s sister, Bereliz Nichole, is calling for her sister to appear. She told Primera Hora that her sister knew Verdejo long before he met his current wife. She also claimed that three months ago, Verdejo and his wife confronted Keishla about her relationship.

The last person who spoke to Ortiz was a co-worker who reached out to her on WhatsApp after Ortiz failed to show up for work. According to the coworker, Ortiz replied that she was not feeling well. This communication took place yesterday at 7:30 am, and it seems that it was the last time that anyone had contact with Ortiz.

Ortiz describes himself like this: height 5’4 ”, weight 120 pounds, fair complexion, blond hair and brown eyes. She drives a Kia Forte with registration ISS-641.

Felix Verdejo (27-2 17 KOs) lost to Masayoshi Nakatani in his last outing, on December 12, 2020. Not much has been heard from the boxer since then. There was talk of a possible fight against Richard Commey later this year. With the exception of a motorcycle accident Verdejo suffered in 2017, the boxer apparently maintains a low profile and has not had any run-ins with the law.

Missing – Found Dead

Early on Friday morning, it was learned on the island of Puerto Rico that boxer Félix Verdejo was taken away for questioning in connection with the disappearance of 27-year-old Keishla Marlen Rodríguez Ortiz.

It was reported that the last time anyone heard from Keisha was early Thursday morning when Keishla was approached by a co-worker when she did not show up for work. The family reported Keishla missing and a missing person alert was launched, followed by an investigation into the young woman’s disappearance.

It is alleged that Keishla went to confront Félix Verdejo with proof that she was pregnant with a child.

On Thursday night, authorities went to question Verdejo about Keishla’s whereabouts. The boxer refused to answer the questions and asked that all communications be directed to his lawyer. Late on Friday afternoon, Verdejos’ wife was brought in for questioning and she confirmed that she knew that Keishla and Verdejo were intimate.

In the last 24 hours, the Puerto Rican media WAPA Tv, El Nuevo Día and La Comay reported that a body was recovered from the San José lagoon near the Teodoro Moscoso Bridge.

The body is reported to be that of a female, yet unidentified, with blonde hair. Reports say they have recovered blood samples from the Teodoro Moscoso bridge. In addition, reports say that the body was tied up with what appears to be bricks or concrete blocks.

Multiple Puerto Rican media outlets, El Vocero, Noticel, Metro PR and many others, report that Félix Verdejo was summoned by the Criminal Investigation Corps (Criminal Investigations Division) in San Juan, Puerto Rico in connection with an investigation into the disappearance of 27- Keishla Marlen Rodríguez Ortiz, one-year-old.

Felix Verdejo, also 27, was reportedly contacted by police on Thursday night after a missing person alert was issued. Verdejo refused to answer the questions and requested that his lawyer be contacted.

Noticel reports that preliminary investigations suggest Verdejo had an affair with the missing woman. The newspaper Metro Puerto Rico reports that “according to its source, Ortiz’s mother, Keila Ortiz Rivera, said,” … yesterday Ortiz went to show the boxer a positive pregnancy test. ”

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Investigation Report

The investigation is still in its early stages and, so far, Verdejo has only been bought for questioning. We will see how this story unfolds; Our thoughts and prayers are with the family of Keishla Marlen Rodríguez Ortiz for a safe return to her family.


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