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Kendrick Johnson
Kendrick Johnson

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Kendrick Johnson was found dead and rolled up on a gymnastic mat at Lowndes County High School in Georgia. His death was originally considered a “positional asphyxia” accident, as state and local investigators concluded that he had climbed onto the mat, got stuck and suffocated to death.

Kendrick Johnson Age

Kendrick Johnson died at the age of 17.

Cause of Death

On January 13, 2013, 17-year-old Kendrick Johnson was found dead and rolled on a gymnastics mat at Lowndes County High School in Georgia. His death was originally considered a “positional asphyxia” accident, as state and local investigators concluded that he had climbed onto the mat, got stuck and died of suffocation. Meanwhile, the Justice Department found that there was insufficient evidence to prove a federal crime, Fox News reported.

However, eight years later, a new bailiff has reopened the case. Furthermore, a doctor who performed an independent autopsy on the teenager has stated that it was medically impossible for him to die as initially described.

“It was originally called ‘positional asphyxia,'” Dr. William Anderson told Fox News. “They felt like he was crawling across the gym mat and getting in the middle of it, trying to get a shoe, which of course doesn’t make any sense because all you would have to do is throw the gym mat sideways. , and the shoe would be at the bottom. ”

The doctor explained that positional asphyxia occurs when the victim is trapped in a way that he cannot breathe properly and then suffocates to death when his muscles are exhausted and he cannot overcome the pressure on his chest. The evidence would be obvious since such a disappearance can take hours, but the state autopsy showed that Johnson’s lungs were “basically normal.”

“To make that diagnosis, you need to have evidence of ongoing respiratory distress,” he said. “Otherwise, the person does not die.” Instead, Anderson’s independent autopsy found that Johnson died of blunt trauma to the neck, likely caused during a physical altercation.

“It could have been accidental because they were pressing on his neck and had no intention of killing him,” he said. “He certainly didn’t go to the gym and he had positional asphyxia because the characteristic findings of positional asphyxia are not there. So you can’t make a diagnosis, scientifically, if you don’t have the evidence. ”State researchers weren’t interested in seeing his findings, Anderson said.

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Investigation Report

The new investigation is led by Lowndes County Sheriff Ashley Paulk, who reportedly obtained case files from all state, local and federal agencies that were involved in the investigation of Johnson’s 2013 death. Paulk said that you would look for inconsistencies by comparing the evidence. “We finally managed, after many years of asking, begging and pleading, we got the federal files,” she told Fox News. “They were sent to us on February 11.”

At the end of its investigation, the Justice Department said it interviewed about 100 people, reviewed thousands of emails and text messages and examined hours of surveillance footage from the school.

According to Paulk, federal authorities had initially denied her requests for documents, but Johnson’s parents remained steadfast in her determination to find the truth and kept up the pressure. “I really give credit to the Johnson family,” she said. “They persevered, and found some allies in certain places, and they are the ones who in the end, in my opinion, were the determining factor.”

Paulk, a veteran of the force, told Fox News that she expects the reopened investigation to take at least six months to produce real results, or even longer if the situation calls for it.


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