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Khalil El Dahr
Khalil El Dahr

Khalil El Dahr Wiki – Khalil El Dahr Biography

Khalil El Dahr, a passenger on a JetBlue flight from Boston to San Juan, Puerto Rico, was arrested Wednesday after he allegedly strangled a flight attendant and attempted to rob the plane’s cabin.

According to an FBI affidavit, Khalil El Dahr attempted to break into the flight deck of JetBlue Flight 261 on Wednesday night, after a phone call he was attempting to make was not honored due to a lack of service in the plane.

Khalil El Dahr Age

Khalil El Dahr’s age is unclear.

Khalil El Dahr Arrested

The Dahr “was angered by the failure of the call,” a flight attendant told the FBI of the incident.

The Dahr then began causing a scene, and a flight attendant was able to ‘corner’ the unruly passenger, back into his seat, until the plane’s pilot decided to open the cockpit door to address the commotion.

El Dahr then proceeded to kick and strangle the flight crew members, trying to get to the pilot’s rooms.

“The Dahr looked at the open door and then grabbed the Jet Blue FA by the neck and tied it with one hand while he used the other to grab the overhead compartment and gain leverage to kick.”

During the fighting that followed, El Dahr began yelling in Spanish and Arabic, challenging the sheriffs in the sky to shoot him as personnel rushed to stop the rampant horseman.

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“As he screamed,” the affidavit read, “he was still holding the JetBlue flight attendant by the tie.”

“This resulted in the tie tightening and ultimately prevented the JetBlue flight attendant from breathing.”

Eventually, six or seven crew members were able to subdue the man, restraining him with flexible handcuffs.

However, a furious El Dahr was able to break the first pair of handcuffs, prompting the crew to resort to using multiple seat belt extenders to form a makeshift straitjacket, while wearing another pair of handcuffs and a tie from a flight attendant to tie it up. A seat.

Just over an hour later, the plane managed to land safely in San Juan, where El Dahr was quickly stopped.

He now faces serious charges for interfering with the flight crew.


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