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Laura Amherst
Laura Amherst

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Laura Amherst, a politics student who danced topless at an Extinction Rebellion protest wearing only panties and nipple covers, has stated that she did so to “draw attention to the climate crisis.”

Laura Amherst, 31, drew shocked looks and wild applause from passersby and fellow protesters as she danced topless with just two Extinction Rebellion stickers covering her bare breasts in the center of Oxford Circus on Wednesday.

Ms. Amherst, who studies politics at the Open University, told MailOnline: ‘I did it to draw attention to the climate crisis facing the planet.

Laura Amherst Age

Laura Amherst is 31 years old.

Dancing topless brought a nice energy to the protest

“ Dancing topless brought a good energy to the protest and was also very positive for the body. Many people congratulated me for doing this, especially women. I’m not getting paid for this and I’m not doing it to get attention, just to save the planet. ‘

Ms. Amherst, who lives in Brighton, revealed that she is an engaged XR member along with her boyfriend.

Around 500 Extinction Rebellion activists blocked Oxford Circus on Wednesday, one of several protests that are scheduled for the next two weeks.

Ms. Amherst added: ‘My boyfriend has been very supportive of me in my decision to go topless just like my father. But he has nothing to do with them because this is my body and I am my own woman.

You both know how passionate I am to save the planet. I wasn’t nervous about it at all and I felt like it made a lot of people happy. ”

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She continued: ‘If taking my clothes off can help save the planet, why not? I made the decision on Monday at the beginning of the protest campaign. It was my own choice, it had nothing to do with anyone else.

She revealed that she is vegan, that she drives a hybrid car, and lives in a house with her boyfriend that has renewable energy.

She added: ‘We are doing everything we can to save the planet. Taking off my clothes makes people talk and it also made them smile. ”

Amherst said she planned to go topless for the remainder of XR’s two-week protest campaign in London.

She revealed that on Wednesday she had been dancing for around six hours and that she was determined to stay topless no matter the weather.

Ms. Amherst added: ‘I started on Monday so this is the third day that I am topless. Regardless of whether it is sunny, cold, or rainy, I will continue to remove the top. I have had a very positive reaction from both men and women.

“ Only one man was negative, but it was a little weird that he was trying to get my number. Other than that, I haven’t had any problems. ‘


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