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Levi Bellfield
Levi Bellfield

Levi Bellfield Wiki – Levi Bellfield Biography

Levi Bellfield is an English serial killer and se**x offender. Bellfield was convicted on February 25, 2008, of the murders of Marsha McDonnell and Amélie Delagrange and the attempted murder of Kate Sheedy, and sentenced to life in prison. On June 23, 2011, Bellfield was also found guilty of the murder of Milly Dowler.

On both occasions, the judge recommended that Bellfield never be released from prison, making him the only serial killer in the UK to be given two life warrants, meaning that he will never be released or placed in prison. conditional freedom.

Bellfield and his siblings (two brothers and two sisters) grew up on a council estate in South West London. He attended Forge Lane Junior School, then Rectory Secondary School, Hampton, and then moved to Feltham Community College. He has had eleven children with three wives, the three youngest with his most recent girlfriend, Emma Mills.

Bellfield’s first conviction was for robbery in 1981. He was convicted of assaulting a police officer in 1990. He also has convictions for robbery and driving offenses. [By 2002, Bellfield had nine convictions and had spent nearly a year in prison for them.

In an interview with the media, Metropolitan Police Chief Inspector Colin Sutton, who led the murder investigation, said of Bellfield: “When we started dealing with him, he seemed very joking, like he was his best friend. But he is a cunning, violent individual. He can go from being nice to being nasty instantly. ”

Bellfield searched streets that he knew intimately for victims. Detectives tracked down several ex-girlfriends, who described a similar pattern of behavior when they became involved with him. “He was charming at first, charming, then completely controlling and evil. They all said the same thing, ”Detective Sgt. Jo Brunt said.

Levi Bellfield Age

Levi Bellfield is 52 years old.

Offered COVID-19 vaccine before millions of vulnerable

One of the UK’s most notorious serial killers has been dealt a COVID-19 hit in front of millions of Britain’s older and most vulnerable people, a move condemned as a “national scandal”, according to a report.

Levi Bellfield, who murdered three people, including 13-year-old Milly Dowler, received a letter offering him a vaccine in the coming weeks, even as the program has only just rolled out for those over 70, The Sun said. . David Spencer of the Center for Crime Prevention called it “a national scandal.”

“The notion that criminals are prioritized over law-abiding citizens says everything about the way our criminal justice system is run at the moment,” he told The Sun. Former Interior Secretary David Blunkett said he challenges the belief “that prisoners, much less a child killer, should have the opportunity to receive an early dose of the vaccine.”

“I hope the Secretary of Justice steps in immediately and finds out why so few doses of vaccines are being given in this way, and whose idea was it. Bellfield, 52, is serving two life sentences, which means he has to spend the rest of his life behind bars with the possibility of parole.

Most regular Britons remain under strict lockdowns at their homes due to the raging pandemic, with some nursing home residents among the vulnerable millions still awaiting their vaccinations. The killer received the offer in a letter sent to him at Frankland Maximum Security Prison, Co Durham, where he reportedly complained about not receiving it sooner because the pandemic “can spread like wildfire”, putting inmates “in danger,” said The Sun.

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It was unclear which other inmates received the same offer at the prison, which is home to another infamous child killer, Ian Huntley, as well as the terrorist who beheaded Private Lee Rigby on the street, the British newspaper said. The former cop who caught Bellfield, and whose memoirs are the basis of the television show “Manhunt,” called the offer of an early hit “gruesome.”

“Priority must be given to prison staff, police officers, teachers, store workers and delivery drivers, the people who keep us going,” former Chief Detective Inspector Colin Sutton told the British newspaper. . After the outrage, a source from the Ministry of Justice insisted to The Sun that “there is no priority of vaccines for prisoners, nor will there be.”

“No minister has seen this letter or believes that criminals should have better access to vaccines than the law-abiding majority,” the source said.

A ministry spokesperson also insisted: “To suggest that the prisoners are being treated differently from the general public is complete nonsense.”



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